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How to Draw the Classic Hulk

how to draw calssic hulk

Today we will return to the topic of comics and draw one of the most classic characters from the Marvel Universe. As you could guess, it is the first enemy of Wolverine – we will learn how to draw the Incredible Hulk. The lesson will be done in a comics style, in contrast of another our drawing tutorial about Hulk. In this drawing lesson will be present a lot of muscles, yet Hulk – a very is a strong fellow.

Dr. Bruce Banner is smart and polite, but his alter-ego, The Incredible Hulk – irresponsible, aggressive creature, with whom it is very difficult to argue. But it is very easy to draw him, if you follow every step that our artists are drew for you. Thus, we begin a lesson on how to draw the Incredible Hulk!


Step 1

First we outline the stickman. We recommend you learn the rules of drawing the male figure in a lesson on how to draw a man. Let us remind you, that first we draw the head in the form of an oval, then the lines of the body.

Note a few distinguishing features between the Hulk and the ordinary man. Firstly, the Hulk’s head seems a little larger than the head of an average man. Second, the body is generally more dense and stocky.

how to draw hulk step by step

Step 2

This step may seem very complicated, but it is not. Here mark up the head of the Hulk, outline the line of the eyes, nose and mouth, as well as a vertical line of facial symmetry. First, we outline the lines of the body, which significantly narrows In the waist area. Then we sketch out huge deltoids, that the size of the head.

Below is the deltoids we draw the rest of arms – the biceps and triceps, they are very tense and have pronounced contours. Forearms look like large rectangulars, tapering slightly toward the hands. Hands clenched into fists, they look like a hexagons. By the same principle sketch out the pelvis and legs, which taper in the area of ​​the knees and shins.

how to draw classic hulk

Step 3

Let’s start drawing the face of our green man. The nose should be flattened and short, his eyebrows furrowed and strongly curved. Ovals of the eyes are small and far planted.

Here we also draw broad cheekbones, flat chin and mouth in the whole lower part of the face and ears. Of course you should use the markup from the previous step to draw the facial features.

learn how to draw hulk

Step 4

Draw hair and finish drawing the face. The rule of drawing of hair, which we regularly mention – it should be drawn in the direction from the roots to the tips. Here we finish the face, adding pupils inside the eyes, wrinkles on the face and teeth in the mouth.

By the way, if the Hulk seems too complicated for you, but you really want to draw someone green and terrible, then we recommend you look the lesson devoted to how to draw a goblin.

how to draw hulk from marvel

Step 5

At this stage we will outline the contours of the body of the Incredible Hulk. Erasing the guidelines and unnecessary lines in the upper part of the body, draw muscles of the Hulk in the direction from top to bottom. First outline the large trapezius muscles that connect the neck and deltoids. Then draw huge pectoral muscles, below the pectoral muscles mark up the contours of the abdominals.

Now move to the arms. Give finished look to the deltoids. Outlines the contours of the triceps, biceps and forearms. At the end of this step mark up the contours of the fingers.

how to draw characters from marvel

Step 6

In this step using the same method we outline the contours of the lower part of the the body. Erasing unnecessary lines start drawing the pelvis. After the pelvis draw the thighs that gently taper in the knee area, then expanding in the area of the calf muscles, and again narrowing in the shin area.

At the end of this step mark the outline of the toes. The main lines of muscles are ready, beginning with the next step we will add the details.

how to draw avengers

Step 7

At first erase all the extra lines, clearing the top of the Hulk’s body. Circle the lines of muscles of the upper part of the Hulk. Add lines of muscles in the area of pectorals, the deltoid muscles and arms. Then draw huge cubes of abdominals. On the sides of the abdominals draw the obliques.

Draw the fingers and lines of the fists of the Incredible Hulk. At the end of this step draw the torn upper part of the pants and add some folds.

how to draw hulk from avengers

Step 8

We have finished adding details to the top of the Hulk’s body. In this step we will add details to the lower body of the Hulk, using the same principle as in the previous step. Erase any remaining auxiliary lines. Draw some lines of thigh muscles under pants and line of the calf muscles.

Add folds of fabric on the pants and torn hole on his knee. Draw torn lower edge of the pants of the Incredible Hulk. At the end of this step draw the bone of the ankle and draw the details of the toes.

drawing tutorial

Step 9

At the final stage we will add shadows. Yes, it’s all the same well-recognized classic comics drawing style, which means that we will add very contrast and dark shadows. Such shadows are best to apply in two stages – at the first stage we draw the contours of the shadow areas, and after – to paint over them. In order to make semitones use dense hatching.

At the end of this drawing lesson we will paint the hair of the Incredible Hulk. Just paint the hair in the direction of their growth leaving the area of glare.

how to draw calssic hulk

It was a very hard drawing lesson, in which we told about how to draw an Incredibe Hulk. Do not forget that we have a page on social networks like Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, and others. Sign up for these social network, because the more you, the more new and interesting drawing lessons.

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