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How to Draw Closed Eyes

In this drawing guide, I will tell you how to draw closed eyes. This is much easier than drawing ordinary open eyes, however, in the comments, you often asked about this lesson. Therefore, I created these six simple steps that will help you get an excellent result.

Step 1

First, draw two intersecting lines in the center of your paper sheet. This will be a great reference point for the next steps. If you are drawing any character, then place these lines at the top of the face.

Step 2

Draw two smooth arcs at the bottom of the horizontal line. Note the distance from these arcs to the center vertical line. Please note that these are very smooth lines that have a minimum bend.

Step 3

Add eyebrows contours. You can choose any eyebrow shape according to your ideas. Use the contours of the eyelid from the last step as a guideline. Eye contours must necessarily coincide with the contours of the eyelids. Another action is drawing nose contours. Use light strokes to draw smooth lines that narrow to the center.

Step 4

So, we continue this guide about how to draw closed eyes. Delete unnecessary lines, and try to evaluate the correctness of your drawing. Find all inaccuracies and correct them. Check the symmetry of all lines.

Step 5

Draw eyelashes. As a rule, girls and women have more thick eyelashes than men, but this pattern has exceptions. Either way, use long, gently curved lines to create the lashes you create in your imagination.

Step 6

Check all the basic lines again. Also, delete all the remaining unnecessary lines from previous steps. Circuit final contours so that your drawing looks over and completed.

So, if you want to improve your drawing skills, try drawing the eyes with different angles, with different expressions, and different eyelids positions. Also, try adding shadows to suit different lighting conditions. This will train your shadow drawing skills and improve your drawing skills in general.

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