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How to draw the Incredible Hulk

How to draw the Incredible Hulk

Hello, everyone! Today we will continue learning to draw comic book characters step by step. And the theme of this drawing lesson is how to draw the Incredible Hulk from the Avengers team.

Bruce Banner, the name of the man who turns into a huge green giant, is actually modest and quiet scientist. After an emergency, Bruce received a very serious dose of gamma irradiation. Instead of radiation sickness, the body of Bruce purchased an amazing property to turn into a huge giant with superhuman strength.

Now the Hulk is known for the same film production Studio “Marvel”. Also the Hulk is one of the central characters of the popular “The Avengers”. There it interacts with Iron ManCaptain America and other superheroes. Actually, the Hulk fought almost with every hero or villain of Marvel universe.


Step 1

First things first we need to draw the “stickman”. it will help us to outline proportions and position on the sheet of paper. Note, that the green monster at this stage looks somewhat lower than it actually is. using an oval sketch out the contours of the head. Using simple lines draw the hands and legs. The vertical line of the face and the vertical line of the body coincide, because the Hulk stands face to us looks right to us.

how to draw the Hulk


Step 2

Now draw the contours of the mighty figure of the Incredible Hulk with the help of circles and ovals. Using circles draw the shoulders, elbows, knees and fists. Using cylinders draw the hands and legs. Note, that the limbs of the Incredible Hulk must be very massive. Look at the trapezius muscles, they are tense, swollen and create the impression of a lack of the neck.

Incidentally, initially, in 1962, the Hulk was gray and not green as it is now.

how to draw the Hulk step by step


Step 3

Now we need to draw the facial features and add some details to the body. Facial features of the incredible Hulk should slightly differ from a human face features. The mouth should be slightly larger than humans mouth, and the nose should be slightly shorter. Also in this step we need to draw the contours of the powerful pectoral muscles, which look like large convex plates.

how to draw the Incredible Hulk step by step


Step 4

Draw the outlines of the core muscles (the boxes on the stomach). Then add some strokes to the pecs. Then draw the balls of the biceps, clenched fists. In the same step, draw the contours of the legs and the shapes of the knees. Add some folds on the upper part of the legs.

How to draw the Hulk from Avengers


Step 5

Light falls on the Hulk from the upper right side, so we need to add shadows to the left lower part of the Hulks body. The shadow areas that are closed from the light source will be especially dark and thick. In order to get good dark shadows, we recommend using dark pencils with “B” leads.

How to draw the Incredible Hulk


It was drawing tutorial about how to draw the Incredible Hulk. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Stay tuned and wait for new drawing tutorials on drawingforall.net.


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