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How to Draw Shoes

how to draw shoes

So, dear artists. In this very simple drawing lesson the team of Drawingforall.net will tell you how to draw shoes. This instruction is a part of a series of lessons about clothes, in which the artists of Drawingforall.net already showed you how to draw things like glasses, bag, sneakers and much more. Below you will see five elementary steps, each of which consists of super simple lines. We show the process of drawing shoes on a fairly simple example, but using these five steps you can draw footwear of any kind. Okay, let’s start our drawing lesson on how to draw shoes.


Step 1

We usually start to draw shoes with the main contours. This lesson will not be an exception. Sketch the outlines with very light, almost transparent lines. Already in the initial step, we form the shape of the future footwear. That is, you can outline either such classic shoes as in the example below, or a variant with a long or square toe.

how to draw shoes

Step 2

Here we add some general details to the shoes drawing. First sketch out the sole. Then draw seams, shoelaces and top lines. In this stage, you can make a few more changes to your shoe drawing that distinguishes it from the example drawn by the artists of Drawingforall.net. For example, you can make a higher sole or a slightly different toe.

learn to draw shoes

Step 3

Starting with this step we will work the final details. Using clear and dark finish lines, gently trace the sketch of shoes. Gently depict the lines of the sole and toe of the shoes erasing all the extra guidelines.

how to draw shoes step by step

Step 4

Now let’s move a little higher and draw out the top line of the shoes, seams and shoelaces. Using an eraser remove any remaining guidelines from the shoes drawing. By the way, you can slightly diversify your artwork by adding patterns or other details.

shoes drawing

Step 5

And now let’s work with shadows on our shoes drawing. Put shadows on the inside of the shoes and on those areas that are less lit. Shadows in our drawing are needed not only to emphasize shadows and light, but also to better emphasize volume.

how to draw shoes

It was a sketching instruction about how to draw shoes. On our site there are a huge number of drawing lessons about other clothing items, such as boots or dress. Visit them and write your opinion about our website and about the methods by which we teach you how to draw. We very much hope that this lesson was not only useful, but also interesting for you. If so, be sure to subscribe to us in social media and share this guide with those who want to become a true artist.


  1. Awesome shoes drawing, very easy steps helpful tutorial thanks for sharing

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