How to Draw Boots

how to draw boots

Hello everyone! In this drawing lesson we will show you how to draw boots step by step. Note that this lesson consists of five simple steps and we hope that it will be very easy.

Step 1

So, first of all sketch the outlines of shoes using light, almost invisible lines. Note that we draw classic high mens boots, but you can draw any shoes using this drawing lesson.

how to draw boots

Step 2

Let’s add some general details. At the bottom sketch out the sole of the boots. Sketch out the tongue and move to the next step.

boots sketch

Step 3

Let’s start working with the details. Using clear and dark lines draw out the sole and toe box. Erase the guidelines from the bottom of the boots.

drawing boots

Step 4

Let’s move a little higher and draw out the upper part and tongue of the boots. Sketch out the seams as in our example.

learn to draw boots

Step 5

Shoes drawing is almost ready. Here we just need to draw out the laces and eyelets of the boots.

boots drawing

Step 6

We on the last step of the lesson about how to draw boots. As we always say we use simple hatching for shadows.

how to draw boots

This drawing lesson was showed you how to draw a boots. If you liked this lesson, then most likely you like drawing lessons about other things, such as slippers, a bag and glasses.

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