How to Draw a Bag

bag pencil drawing

Today the team of will show you how to draw a bag. In this tutorial, you should not have much difficulty with geometric shapes and smooth lines. So let’s start this tutorial!

Step 1

First, to draw a bag properly, you should draw the main outline of the bag. We want to remind you, that in the first steps you must not press too hard on the pencil. Now your bag sketch should look like this.

how to draw a bag

Step 2

Draw the outline of the strap, buckle and cover. If your sketch is similar to ours, then you’re doing it right, and you can move to the next step. At the second stage your bag sketch should look something like this.

 how to draw a bag step by step

Step 3

Now draw a central buckle and outline the remaining contours of our bag. Preparatory steps are done, now we proceed to the details.

drawing bag

Step 4

At this step, we finish with the cover and buckle. Do all lines are clear and precise. For more realism draw seams.

how to draw

Step 5

In this step, we finish with the belt and the belt fastening. And at the end of this step, add some seams, as in the previous step

drawing tutorials

Step 6

Draw the side part of our bag. Draw the vertical folds on a bag. By the way, do not forget to draw seams, it is very important to make the drawing look more realistic.

bag drawings

Step 7

And we got to the last step. In this step, we will add the shadows. But first need to figure out where from the light falls. In our example, the light falls directly from the top. So we add the shadows on those places where light can not fall. The shadows should be added by hatching.bag pencil drawing

So, the tutorial about how to draw a bag came to an end. Today we drew a bag in its classic appearance.  We hope you enjoyed this lesson. Stay tuned and wait for new tutorials on

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    Wow this really will help me a lot especially now doing projects thank you

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