How to Draw a Knight for Beginners

knight drawing


Hello, dear young artists, and welcome to Who are the Knights? The brave medieval warriors clad in metal armor, who fought with each other, as in the war of the rosesNow they are heroes of fantasy, who fight with orcs, goblins, and minotaurs. Let’s start the drawing lesson and learn how to draw a knight for beginners!


Step 1

At first we need to draw the skeleton of the knight. Using a circle sketch out the head. Sketch out the body using light and loose lines. In this drawing the knight stands with shield and sword. But you can choose any other pose. Torso height is equal of two head heights. The height of the legs are equal to height of torso.

How to Draw a Knight for Beginners

Step 2

Sketch out the lines of the facial symmetry. The lines should be crossed in the center of the face. Sketch out the outlines of the shield and sword. Using wavy line draw the tuft on the helmet. Using cylinder draw the neck.

How to Draw a Knight for Beginners step by step

Step 3

Outline the shoulders using circles. Sketch out torso in a form of a rectangle. Sketch out the visible arm, which consists of two equal cylinders.

how to draw a knight

Step 4

Draw the triangular pelvis as in our example. Sketch out the legs, each of which consist of two equal cylinders. Draw the feet as in the example below.

how to draw a knight easy

Step 5

Draw the visor, it is the part of the helmet with openings for eyes. Draw the line of the neck with curved lines. Erase the unnecessary guidelines and extra strokes. Smoothen and darken the lines.

how to draw a knight step by step

Step 6

Draw the shoulder protectors (gardbraces) as in our example. Erase the guidelines from the torso. Draw the breastplate and tasset (the part of the armor, which protects the pelvis).

how to draw a knight for beginners

Step 7

Erase the guidelines from the arms. Draw the details of the arm protectors. Circle the lines to make them smooth and clean. Draw the sword using straight lines. Try to draw these lines without a ruler.

how to draw a knight for beginners

Step 8

And we on the finish line of the tutorial on how to draw a knight for beginners. Draw the knee protectors in the form of the rhombus. Erase the unnecessary guidelines from the legs. Circle the lines of the legs to make them smooth and clean. Draw the lines on the feet to create the strips of armor

knight drawing

It was the drawing lesson about how to draw a knight for beginners. We hope you liked this drawing lesson. If you like this drawing lesson, subscribe to our updates in Google Plus.


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