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How to Draw a Basilisk

how to draw a Basilisk

Hello, dear readers! Today we present you a lesson on how to draw a basilisk. We will draw a basilisk from such fantasy as Dungeons & Dragons


Step 1

First draw such an elongated shape that very similar to a curved drop.

how to draw a Basilisk

Step 2

Draw the limbs. In different works basilisks has a different number of legs, in some works of art they do not have legs at all.

Basilisk drawing lesson

Step 3

Sketch out the eyes and mouth. Pay attention that the face of the basilisk looks like a face of a snake or lizard.

learn how to draw Basilisk from DnD

Step 4

Continue working with the face of the basilisk. Draw out the eyes and mouth. Add texture of scale. Draw the nostrils and teeth.

how to draw Basilisk from fantasy

Step 5

Draw out the front legs with claws. Add some wrinkles as in our example.

How to draw a Basilisk from dungeons and dragons

Step 6

Draw the hind legs and long tail. Also add some wrinkles as in our example.

Basilisk drawing

Step 7

Add a lot of spikes at the spine of the basilisk. Add some shadows using hatching.

how to draw a Basilisk

Drawing lesson is over, and we hope that your drawing turned out not worse than ours. If you have played such games like Baldur’s Gate then you probably remember how the basilisks brought problems to novice adventurers. The best solution in this situation was to drink the Protection from Petrification or impose a spell of a wizard and go to destroy these harmful monsters.

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