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How to Draw Glasses

how to draw ray ban glasses
In this simple yet realistic drawing lesson, we will show you how to draw glasses – one of the most popular accessories in the world.

Using this tutorial, you can draw any glasses. Actually, all glasses differ only in shape. Today we will show you how to depict this accessory using the example of the legendary Ray-Ban glasses.

So let’s start this tutorial and learn how to draw glasses!


Step 1

We remind you that in the first stages you should try not to press too hard on the pencil. So sketch out the outlines of the lenses – notice their size and shape. According to the rules of linear perspective, the lens closest to us should be larger than the farther one.
how to draw glasses

Step 2

Now draw the temples of the glasses. Note that towards the tips, the temples should bend downward. The very essence of the first two steps of this lesson is the same – you should sketch out the conditional skeleton of glasses drawing.
how to draw glasses step by step

Step 3

The guidelines of the glasses are drawn. Now, guided by these lines, add volume to the glasses. Here you still don’t need to press too hard on the pencil, but you should try to convey the contours of the glasses.

how to draw sunglasses

Step 4

It is the final step. Erase the extra guidelines and add details to your glasses drawing. After that, add some shadows, to make your artwork more voluminous. And don’t forget to add highlights to the lenses. Add some details such as screws and decorative elements to the sides.
how to draw ray ban glasses

So, the glasses drawing lesson has come to an end. We tried to make this drawing guide as simple as possible so that even the most inexperienced artist could learn how to draw glasses. We have divided this instruction into four very simple steps, each of which consists of extremely simple lines.

Try to improve your glasses drawing skills. To do this, you should repeatedly draw this object, but at different angles, with different shading, and using different references that differ from the glasses from our example.


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