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How to Draw a Chestnut

Chestnut drawing

Today we will show you how to draw a сhestnut. There are no hard parts in this easy drawing guide. This is similar to the practice of drawing geometric shapes and light shadows. However, if you follow all the actions from our examples, you will get excellent results.

Step 1

When we draw people we start with some kind of a stickman. When we draw the nuts, we need to start with the general contours. Sketch such a geometric figure that narrows and slightly sharpens to the bottom. In the upper part we mark a not very flat and slightly curved line.

How to draw a chestnut step by step easy

Step 2

Now we add details that will convey the texture. On the top of the nut draw a lot of small dots. Just don’t make them too big. On the large part of the nut, we draw long, smooth and slightly curved stripes. All these lines should be the most unevenly arranged, otherwise the texture will lose its natural look.

How to draw a nut

Step 3

Now let’s draw shadows. In our example, the light falls on the upper right corner, so we draw the shadows left side. But you can choose the location of the shadows and the light source at your discretion. You can also draw a cast shadow so that the nut does not look like it is suspended in the air.

How to draw a chestnut

We tried to make this lesson as easy as possible. To slightly change or improve your chestnut drawing, you can add some leaves or branches. This will give the drawing a more lively appearance. Also, do not forget that such things as nuts are a wonderful addition to apples or pineapples as part of some still life. To improve your knowledge in this area of art just go to our category called “Still Life”, where you will find a huge number of different interesting lessons. By the way, if something went wrong, write about it in the comments, and we will try to solve this problem.

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