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How to Draw Doctor Octopus

How to Draw dr Octopus

Hello, dear readers of Drawingforall.net! Today’s drawing lesson again will please fans of the Marvel universe, because the main character of this lesson will be one of the most famous comic book villains – Doctor Octopus!And in our tutorial dr. Octopus will have classic appearance.

By the way, the real name of our today’s character is Otto Octavius. At the beginning of the history of Spider-Man, Otto was a teacher of the young Peter Parker. After terrible metamorphosis, evil Doctor has become one of the main enemies of Spider-Man, causing him a lot of troubles. Let’s start the lesson and learn how to draw Doctor Octopus!


Step 1

Let’s start with a stickman – man made of sticks and circles, which will help us to draw the basic proportions of the character, his position and the position on the paper. First, a bit about the proportions: an average growth of figure of a man is equal to the sum of the lengths of seven to seven and a half heads, 4 of which is a length of the legs.

Today’s character is not very tall, but nevertheless, shoulders are very broad. Outline the hands that rest on the sides, forming nearly right angles at the elbows. The head of Doc Ock has a circular shape. But the head of Octopus has a form a circle because of the tilt of the head and because of his physique – he is slightly overweight.

How to Draw Doctor Octopus


Step 2

Stickman is ready, let’s add some flesh to the body of Octopus. But first, we mark up the head – draw the vertical line of symmetry of the face, which will divide the face into two equal parts. Then draw the vertical line, which will help us to draw the eyes. By the way, usually the eye line is located approximately in the middle of the face, but here it is higher due to the position of the head. Just below the eye line draw the strokes of the nose and the mouth.

The neck should look like a short tapered cylinder on which located the head. Sketch out the torso, that should taper to the waist, due to the pronounced pectoral and back muscles.. Using big balls outline the shoulders. Draw the arms, in the form of modified cylinders. Then draw the hands (clenched fists at this stage indicated by pentagons). Adding volume, do not forget to focus on lines of stickman. Next – the legs. Draw the thighs, using shapes similar to cylinders, tapering towards the knees. The knees (and elbows) draw in the shapes of circles. Draw the shins, tapering to the feet and the feet themselves.

How to Draw comics villains


Step 3

Draw the business card of our doctor – his metal tentacles. More precisely, in this step we outline their silhouettes. They should be smooth, rounded and should increase in size sharply towards the tips. Note that this increase is necessary in order to properly show the distance on the paper. One more remark – tentacles attached to the back, near the connection of thoracic and lumbar spine, two on each side, it is a must to take into account when you the draw the tentacles.

How to Draw comics characters


Step 4

Silhouette of Doctor Octopus is ready, let’s start to add details. We always add details to the silhouettes of people in the direction from the head to the feet, and today’s lesson will be no exception.

So, at this stage we start to draw the facial features. Using the guidelines from the last steps, draw wide glasses, a short nose and mouth, clenched teeth and long nasolabial folds. Draw the line of the cheeks, cheekbones and ears, also, draw the haircut “pot.” Hairlines always should be drawn in the direction from the tips to the roots, i.e. in this case – from the top down.

Doctor Octopus draw


Step 5

Let’s go down below and draw the torso. Erase extra guidelines from the neck and using several short horizontal strokes draw the folds of fabric. Using a smooth line, extending from the trapezoid to the tentacle line draw the collar. Then erase all the guidelines from the torso, leaving a small line of the pectoral muscles. Draw a couple of strokes on the body and circle the belt line.

Doctor Octavius drawing


Step 6

Draw the tentacles. In general, these four limbs in all versions of the story of Spider-Man have the same history of occurrence. Talented scientist Otto Octavius designed metal tentacles, which operated by a remote control. After the explosion in the laboratory the tentacles, enshrined in the area of the back, under the influence of some substances, and heat fused to the spinal cord of Otto, turning him into terrible Doctor Octopus.

By the way, in many comic books and serials in this story appears Norman Osborn, as the boss and head of the researcher of Otto Octavius. But we digress. Draw on the tentacles curved horizontal stripes.

how to draw doc ock


Step 7

Let’s draw the arms. Using the guidelines from the previous steps draw the arms, circle the outer contours. Add some folds to the area of the armpits. Using short strokes draw the lines of the muscles protruding through the clothes. Start drawing the hands. When drawing a fist look at the knuckles and tendons, as well as – silhouettes os the fingers. Using two short curved strokes draw the lines of the gloves.
how to draw Doctor Octavius


Step 8

In this step, we draw the legs of Doc Ock. Erase the guidelines from the legs, add some fold of fabric in the area of knees. Don’t forget to draw the lines of the muscles in the areas of thighs and shins. Using a couple of curved strokes draw the lines of the shoes. By the way, do not forget the folds on the boots in the area of the ankle. Also, draw just a few lines in the toe area, as in our example.

Doctor Octopus drawing


Step 9

Draw shadows. They should be made in the style of comics – coarse and contrasting. We should draw them in two steps – first, outline the contours of the shadows, and then painting over it simple soft pencil. However, there is one feature – the shadow on the metal tentacles. Pay attention to shadows and highlights on the tentacles. The shadows look like long and dark stripes, passing through the entire length of the tentacles. To pass the halftones, use unidirectional hatching.

How to Draw Doctor Octopus

It was a lesson in which we told you about how to draw Doctor Octopus which was prepared by Drawingforall.net. Come to our site for the new drawing lessons, goodbye!

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