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How to Draw Cartoon Eyes

In this very simple step by step drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw cartoon eyes. This is not some exact instruction, but just a listing of the basic principles of drawing cartoon-style eyes. With this drawing lesson, you can draw cartoon eyes of very different cartoon characters. We hope you find our drawing tutorial, which consists of seven easy stages, really helpful.


Step 1

So, we start the guide on how to draw cartoon eyes. Before you start drawing, try looking at the drawing and notice unusual details. In our case, we see long and vertically elongated eyes. Therefore, we draw a vertical line along the entire length of the paper sheet and a horizontal line that is very low. Use very light lines at the beginning.

Step 2

Before you start drawing the outlines of the eyes, it will be great to outline the lower boundaries of these outlines. In our case, the lower borders are small, rounded cheeks. Draw these cheeks using the horizontal line from the previous step. It looks like two small mounds.

Step 3

Now let’s draw the outlines of the eyes themselves. These are two asymmetrical ovals that widen significantly upward. Note the position of these ovals in relation to the vertical line. As you can see, the ovals have different sizes and different distances from the vertical line, drawn at the very beginning.

Step 4

And now there will be a very important and responsible step. We mean drawing the cartoon pupils. The eyes can have different shapes of the outer contours, but the location of the pupils must be the same. This greatly affects the direction of the gaze.

Step 5

Check the shapes and outlines that were drawn earlier. This is really very important. If you haven’t made any mistakes, you can draw the eyelashes. The lashes appear as three curved, flowing lines that taper towards the top.

Step 6

As a rule, in the penultimate step, we pay attention to drawing shadows. However, now we are drawing cartoon eyes, so for now we’ll just shade the pupils. Use dense, sweeping, single-layer hatching for this.

Step 7

In this step, you can double-check the correctness of all shapes and outlines. After that, you can erase all the guide construction lines drawn earlier, to make your cartoon eyes drawing look more finished. Congratulations, this is a great job!

You can leave your cartoon eyes drawing like this, or color it. You can also try to repeat the whole process of drawing cartoon eyes, but give them a different shape. To do this, you can use different references from the Internet or images of your favorite cartoon characters.

So, we have completed this cartoon eyes drawing lesson. We hope you didn’t encounter any problems while working with our guide. If you get a strange or incorrect result, you can write to us about it in the comments. We will definitely answer you and help you sort out this error. We will also be glad to have any feedback or opinion on our social networks.

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