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How to Draw a Cartoon Face

In this guide, we will tell you how to draw a cartoon face. This will be a pretty simple drawing lesson for those who want to be able to paint portraits but need more suitable tutorials.

In sequence, this tutorial on how to draw a cartoon face will be similar to our more complex tutorial on drawing a face. But unlike that tutorial, here the steps are greatly simplified so that even the most inexperienced artist can draw a cartoon face.


Step 1

First, we’ll draw a shape of the cartoon face that looks like an elongated oval. Place this shape in the center of the sheet if you are drawing a portrait. Use light lines to make it possible to correct the uneven outline.

Step 2

This will be a very important and responsible step. In this step, we will outline the location of our character’s facial features. The appearance of the person you are drawing depends on this step. Use short strokes to outline the location of the nose, eyes, hair, and mouth.

Step 3

So, we continue the guide about drawing a cartoon face.

Let’s draw the eyes. First, look at the marked lines from the previous step and imagine the shape of the eyes that you would like to draw. After that sketch out the outer contours of the eyes and pupils.

how to draw a cartoon face step by step with pencil

Step 4

In this step, we will outline the outlines of the rounded eyebrows. You can choose the shape and location of the eyebrows to your liking, but keep in mind that eyebrows are very much involved in the formation of facial expressions and gaze.

Step 5

And now we will draw two smooth lines that will connect the right eyebrow and the line with which we marked the tip of the nose. Avoid too large shapes and too sharp bends.

Step 6

In this very short step, we will draw the mouth. We decided to portray a person who smiles in a friendly way, so we drew the mouth as a slash.

Step 7

Let’s sketch the outlines of the ears and the final outlines of the lower part of the face. The top edge of the ears matches the top edge of the eyes, and the bottom edge already matches the top of the tip of the nose.

Step 8

We are almost completing the cartoon face drawing tutorial. Now you can show your imagination. Draw a hairstyle that consists of rounded outlines or any other hairstyle of your choice. You can skip this step if you wanted to draw a bald character.

Step 9

So in the last step, we delete the extra lines with the eraser and check the whole cartoon face drawing. We hope you got a great result. You can add some shadows to complicate your drawing.

So what can you do to improve your cartoon face drawing skills?

For the start, try drawing cartoon faces with different features. For example, add mustaches, beards, glasses, or other details.

Next, try adding shadows to your cartoon face drawings. To find out how best to do this, visit our article on light and shadow.

All these actions will help to consolidate the knowledge gained in this drawing lesson. Knowing the entire sequence of steps, you can draw cartoon heads and facial features without any difficulty.

So, we really tried to get a really convenient and visual drawing guide. Do not forget to write to our social networks if you have experienced any difficulties at any stage of drawing. We are also waiting for your feedback in the comments.

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