How to Draw a Cartoon Sports Car

how to draw a cartoon sports car

Hello, dear novice artists. We noticed that you really like to draw cool cars. And so we drew a lot of sports cars, such as Porsche Boxster, Ford GT and Ferrari. But all those lessons are complicated enough, and many of you asked to make a simple lesson about a sports car. So, today we prepared a new lesson on how to draw a cartoon sports car.


Step 1

So, first of all we draw the main outlines of our cartoon sports car. Use very light lines for the first step.

how to draw a cartoon sports car

Step 2

Now let’s work with the basic details. In the front sketch out the headlights. Next, sketch out a spoiler and large wheels.

learn to draw easy

Step 3

In the front, draw out the outlines of the bumper and air intakes using clear lines.

how to draw a sports car easy

Step 4

Move a little higher and draw out a slightly curved hood with headlights.

how to draw a sports car for kids

Step 5

Using slightly curved lines draw out the roof and windows of your sports car. At the same step draw the rear view mirrors.

how to draw a cool car

Step 6

Draw out the large spoiler. At the side part draw out the doors with handles and air intakes.

car drawing step by step

Step 7

It remains only to draw huge and rounded wheels and rims. Try to make them more smooth and clear.

how to draw a cartoon sports car

In this very simple drawing tutorial we showed you how to draw a cartoon sports car step by step. Was this lesson interesting and simple for you? Write your opinion in our pages social media or here in the comments.

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