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How to Draw a Cartoon Cat Easy

how to draw a cartoon cat

How to draw a cartoon cat easy? Today we will tell you how you can do this very quickly and clearly. For this purpose, we have prepared this guide, which consists of eight simple steps that are adapted for artists of all levels.

Earlier, we have repeatedly shown the process of drawing a variety of cats. We have already drawn both realistic cats and cartoon cats. But as you probably know, there are many cartoon styles, and today we decided to choose the cutest and most beautiful one for this tutorial on how to draw a cartoon cat easy.


Step 1

So, let’s start a guide on how to draw a cartoon cat easy. First, we sketch out the rough outlines of our cat. Immediately pay attention to the features of the appearance of the drawing object. We see a very large head that exceeds the body in length and width. Let’s picture this and depict this feature in this step.

how to draw a cartoon cat full body

Step 2

Now let’s outline the front legs of our cat. As you know, cats are very flexible and agile guys. If we were to draw a cat in a realistic style, we would have to create graceful and smooth outlines of the paws. However, in cartoon style, it looks like two cylinders that taper smoothly downward.

how to draw a cartoon body cat

Step 3

The hind leg looks shorter visually due to the peculiarities of the angle. In this way, we will depict as if the cat is walking in our direction.

how to draw an easy cartoon cat

Step 4

In this step, we will draw a long tail and collar. You can independently choose the position and shape of the tail, as well as the appearance of the collar according to your imagination.

how to draw cartoon cats and kittens

Step 5

Cats usually have very cute ears. In this step, we will draw a pair of ears that look like triangles with smooth, smoothed corners. The ears are located laterally, there is a considerable distance between the ears.

how to draw a cute cartoon cat

Step 6

In this step, we will add some more details. Let’s draw the cat’s eyes in the form of a pair of small balls and the inner parts of the auricles. It looks like a pair of smaller triangles that are the symmetrical triangles from the previous step.

how to draw a cartoon cat easy

Step 7

We have almost completed this cat drawing. In this step, we will add the final details such as the outlines of the nose, mouth, and a fairly long mustache. By the way, recall, to check the proportionality of your drawing of a cartoon cat, look at it in the mirror. This way you will find all the mistakes in the drawing and can correct them.

how to draw a cartoon cat step by step

Step 8

In this final step of the instruction about drawing a cartoon cat, we will add some shading. We had planned a super simple guide, so we avoided shadows and only painted dark eyes. If you want, you can add more complexity to your drawing with shadows and highlights.

how to draw a cartoon cat

To give your cartoon cat drawing a more interesting look, you can try coloring or adding shadows. In addition, you can add some nice patterns to the fur.

We hope you got a great result. If you encounter any problem while working with this guide, please write about it in the comments. We are waiting for your criticism, it really helps us to work!

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