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How to Draw Anime Easy

How to draw anime easy

In this basic anime-style tutorial, we will tell you how to draw anime easy. We know that many of our readers love and practice this style of drawing. In fact, we have prepared quite a few more anime guides.


Step 1

At first we do not see any signs of anime style. In this step, we need to outline the traditional stickman of a young guy who is studying in secondary school. You can see narrow shoulders, a narrow pelvis and a prominent neck.  You can read more about building a young man’s figure in this drawing tutorial.

How to draw anime for beginners

Step 2

Let’s work with the head and torso. In this step, we draw a couple of crossed lines on the face of our anime character. The lines should converge at right angles. The horizontal line should be located slightly below the conditional middle. These lines will help us draw facial features in the next steps.

After that, we can connect the chest and pelvis with smooth lines. Try to bend sharp bends. In the pelvic area, draw two concave lines to get the result as in our sample.

How to draw an anime for beginners

Step 3

Circle legs with smooth lines. You can see a very smooth and uniform narrowing of the hips towards the knees. Shins have a slightly noticeable bend in the upper third.

How to start drawing anime for beginners

Step 4

Now we are starting to draw an anime face. Here you can see the rounded contours of large eyes and the sharp contours of the hairstyle.

In fact, we have an excellent guide on this topic, do not forget to read this article. Do not forget that the face in the techniques of drawing anime is very important, because the main detail is done exactly on the face of the character.

Learn to draw anime for beginners

Step 5

Add the contours of the clothes. In our case, it is a fitted pullover and a strict shirt. Avoid too wide and noticeable bends. The body should very slightly expand downward. We also have a special lesson on how to draw anime style clothes. Take a look there if this step is causing you difficulty.

How to draw anime for beginners step by step

Step 6

Let’s start detailing our character. First, we will erase the extra lines from his face and head. Draw large pupils with white highlights inside. Paint the bangs with large, contrasting jagged lines. In face painting, it is very important to position the pupils correctly. In our case, if you did everything correctly, you will get the feeling that the character is looking directly at you.

How to draw anime easy for beginners

Step 7

So we continue the guide on how to draw anime easy. Let’s remove the extra lines from the body of our character. We outline the outer contours of the pullover and apply several folds of fabric that look like slanting lines. Draw the final contours of the shirt collar.

Anime easy drawing

Step 8

In this step, we will outline the final contours of the sleeves. There is also a rather difficult point here – these are the contours of the hands. As you know, we could not leave a difficult moment without a special tutorial. You can read all about drawing anime hands, fists and fingers in this article.

Anime easy drawings

Step 9

Repeat the steps in the previous step to make our character’s legs and lower torso more complete. Do not forget about the small folds on the fabric near the sneaker. This is a very important detail that makes the whole picture more realistic.

Easy anime drawings

Step 10

Apply light shadows to the lateral edges of the trunk and medial edges of our character’s extremities. Use lightweight single-layer hatching with minimal pressure on the pencil.

How to draw anime easy

We hope this lesson will become a stepping stone on your path to becoming a true master of fine art. If you liked our work and want to support us, just leave a comment and subscribe to our pages on social networks.


  1. It was still hard for me to draw this although, it was easier than when I usually try to draw though.

  2. To draw this was simple and hard head was no problem but i can’t style anime clothes yet

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