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How to Draw a Matryoshka Doll

drawing Matryoshka


Hello, dear artists! It’s drawingforall.net with new drawing tutorial in which we will tell you how to draw a Matryoshka doll. For those who do not know, Matryoshka – is a Russian wooden toy in the form of a painted doll, inside of which are similar to her another smaller dolls. Although matryoshka is considered a traditional Russian toy, not many people know that in fact it was not invented in Russia. The prototype of Matryoshka was a Japanese Fukurokudzyu doll from Honshu island. In the 90s of the 19th century the first wooden figures of girls with red cheeks, dressed in sarafans and in headscarves began to be produced in Russia. By the way, the very first matryoshkas were very expensive – they was manually painted by talented painters, who used techniques for working with icons. That’s why, the first Matryoshka dolls had carefully painted faces and characteristic colors. So, let’s start this tutorial and learn how to draw Matryoshka doll!

Step 1

First sketch out the outlines of the nesting doll . Usually, when we draw the human figure, the first step we draw the man made of sticks and circles. But this drawing lesson is a little different. Now we have to draw a shape similar to bowling pin. Try to draw the figure was as symmetrical as possible. In order to ensure symmetry, look at the drawing through the mirror. In a mirror image, you will immediately see all the mistakes. If you could not draw it correctly, just erase and try to draw the figure again.

How to Draw a Matryoshka Doll


Step 2

In this step, start adding items. First, draw a line at the upper part of the figure, in the area of the  neck. Slightly above this line, draw a circle, in which we will draw a face. At the end of this step draw the stand in the bottom of the Matryoshka. If you doubt the symmetry of drawing, just look at the figure through  the mirror. If everything is correct then move to the next step.

how to draw a Russian nesting doll


Step 3

At this step sketch out the lines of the facial symmetry. First draw a vertical line which will help us to find the centre of the face. Then draw a horizontal line which will help us to draw eyes. Slightly above the eye line draw the line of eyebrows. And slightly below the eye line draw the lines of nose and  mouth. Notice, that the distance between the horizontal lines are approximately equal.

Russian nesting doll step by step


Step 4

Now, using the lines from the previous step, draw facial features. At first draw eyes and paint them black, leaving one white glare in each eye. Note – glares must be in the right parts of eyes. Using curved lines draw the eyebrows eyelashes. Draw a nose that looks like a pair of dots. Then draw a plump lips and circles of rouge on cheeks.

how to draw a russian wooden doll


Step 5

This step is very short, here we draw the knot of scarf, which will be located just below the face of matryoshka. This knot will consist of the center – the usual circle, and side parts – two figures, similar to the leaves. Also draw the hair protruding from under the top of the scarf.

How to Draw a Matryoshka Doll step by step


Step 6

We are in the home stretch! At the edges of the body draw sleeves and palms. We remind you that in order to ensure the symmetry of the figure you can look at it through the mirror.

how to draw a doll


Step 7

Now we need to draw a pattern in the center of the body of our nesting doll. Basically, you can choose the pattern that you want to. Importantly, to retain the overall style of the drawing, that is looks like a Russian folk painting. We decided to stay at this ornament:

drawing Matryoshka


It looks pretty complicated, but actually it is not. At first draw the figure with three petals and then surround it by the bigger leaves. Then draw three leaves around, and Matryoshka is ready!

That was tutorial on how to draw matryoshka step by step. Write your wishes about the new drawing lessons in comments. Subscribe on us at social networks and wait for drawing tutorials by drawingforall.net. Goodbye!


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