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How to Draw a Crayfish

How to draw a crayfish

We like to draw different inhabitants of rivers, seas and oceans. And today we remembered a very sweet inhabitant of freshwater rivers. This is a very leisurely animal. Many people acquire this unusual animal as a pet because watching the creature is very relaxing.

That is why we created a drawing lesson in which we show how to draw a crayfish.


Step 1

Let’s try to outline the torso of this nice animal. First, depict an uneven oval with slight bends at the bottom. After that, depict the contours of the legs using short lines that connect to the crayfish torso in the form of obtuse angles.

Crayfish drawing tutorial


Step 2

Let’s depict the contours of the tail and claws of our crayfish. You can see four pairs of legs and a pair of large, rounded claws. Claws should be located slightly lateral to the head.

How to sketch a crayfish


Step 3

The approximate pattern of our drawing lessons does not change. This pattern works equally well in articles on how to depict a realistic person, a comic book character, or an animal. We are talking about the usual pattern in which we first portray an approximate silhouette of the character and after this, we draw the final details.

Now we have an instruction on how to draw crayfish and this scheme will be an excellent tool. So in this step, we outline the shell segments, round eyes and internal lines of powerful claws.

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Step 4

Now we will do exactly the things we talked about in the last step. We have an approximate silhouette of a crayfish and now we depict the final details.

Draw the outlines of the segments on the back. In the final part of this step, we draw the tail. You can see that the tail consists of two lateral triangles and a rounded shape in the center.

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Step 5

In this step, we will work with the final contours of the legs. Pay attention to the smooth curves of each segment. At the end of this step, we will draw the final contours of the claws. Do not forget to draw the jagged contours of the claws as in our sample.

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Step 6

In the sixth step, we will work with the shadows to make our crayfish drawing more realistic. You can choose any shadow localization. In our case, the shadows are on the lower parts of the claws and body of the crayfish.

How to draw a crayfish

This was a drawing tutorial on how to draw a crayfish. As you know, we love to depicture animals. However, we are not biologists and do not know many cool interesting species of animals. If you have any suggestions for new themes for our posts, we are waiting for it in the comments. See you on the pages of Drawingforall.net!

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