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How to Draw an Anime Face

How to draw an anime face

Let’s work with the basic technique of sketching anime. The main feature of the anime are the faces of the persons. They are always very expressive despite the visual lack of difficult details. We created an art lesson in which we show you how to draw an anime face to learn how to depict any anime persons. The principles we will talk about can be used in any artwork in anime style.



Step 1

To perfectly create an anime face, first we depict the outline of the face. It looks like an inverted egg, which narrows down to a blunt angle. At the bottom of this round figure you can see the angles of the lower jaw. Do not forget about these specifications when you depict the outline of the head.

How to draw an anime face step by step


Step 2

At this stage should be started with the contours of the neck. Have you often seen the thick necks of anime persons? This happens very rarely. In the anime, only very thick persons have thick necks. Here we have the usual thin neck.

Also in this stage, we will depict a several lines on the face. First, let’s draw a vertical line of facial symmetry. After that, measure 2/3 of the face and draw a transversal line. A little higher draw another transversal line. Between these two lines will be located eyes.

How to draw anime faces male


Step 3

Let’s work with facial features. In the anime style, the nose and mouth are usually presented with a pair of simple lines. This lesson is no exception as you see. The main thing is to depict the nose and mouth in the correct location.

After that we can depict the contours of the eyes. It looks like two large upturned arcs which are limited from above by smooth horizontal lines.

How to draw anime face step by step


Step 4

Add some facial features. Depict round pupils and contours of thin eyebrows. In this step we will also draw the ears. Pay attention to the location of the ears. The top border of the ears is slightly lower than the top edge of the eyes. The bottom border of the ears coincides with the nose. At this point, your anime face drawing should look something like this.

How to draw anime faces for beginners


Step 5

Let’s draw the hair. As a rule, anime persons do not have a carefully traced hairstyle. Hair on the head is schematically indicated by paths that look like a few sharp corners. Anime is always famous for a wide variety of hairstyles. They are fluffy, curly, with unusual details woven into the hair, so experiment with creating unusual hairstyles and visit our instruction on how to draw anime hair.

How to draw an anime head


Step 6

In this step of the instruction on how to draw an anime face, we practically will not create any new elements. Now we just clean up the face of our young man and erase the extra lines that we drew in the first stages. Do not forget about the contour of the inner part of the ear. In addition, you should trace the necessary lines to make them clearer, more beautiful and completed.

Anime face drawing tutorial


Step 7

To give your anime face drawing a complete look, you need to sketch some shadows. You can see the shades that are localized above the eyebrows and on the neck area. In these places, the light is covered with hair and chin, respectively. Paint over the pupils of our anime person. It is critical not to paint over white highlights as in our sample.

How to draw an anime face

The team of Drawingforall.net decided to create this lesson because there is a lot of controversy about how to draw an anime face correctly. Many artists create some mystery around this style of pencilling. We created this lesson to show that you need to properly create the basic shapes at the initial steps. And also you should correctly place the facial details in the right places and create their correct shape. It is these things that form the impression of the whole artwork in this wonderful style.

If you are a fan of this genre of fine art, then be sure to go to our category called “Anime” to fully comprehend all the basics and nuances of sketching works of art in this genre. And to keep abreast of absolutely all the updates on Drawingforall.net, then subscribe to us on Facebook, Pinterest and Deviantart.


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