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How to Draw a Dragon for Kids

How to Draw a Dragon for Kids

Welcome to DrawingForAll! Today we present you a new another drawing tutorial, in which we will draw a dragon. And as you can see, it is the lesson on how to draw a slavic dragon for kids.

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Step 1

At first outline a conditional “stickman” of our dragon. Note small anatomical features such as, for example, three heads. By the way, at this stage, the heads look very large (even if the head would have been one, it still would have been a disproportionate) to the paws and body, rolling in tail.

How to Draw a Dragon for Kids step by step

Step 2

We outline the contours of the mouth of each head (in this stage, they will look like beaks). Then mark up each head with lines that intersect at right angles. The vertical line denotes the facial symmetry, and the horizontal – line of the eyes. Then circle the lines of each of the necks, with the neck should taper in the direction from the body to the head.

Here outline the contours of the torso. At the endof this stage of draw short legs.

drawing lesson

Step 3

Using the markup from the previous step, draw the outline of a large eyesin shapes of ovals. Also outline the nostrils and friendly smiles on the heads. At the completion of this step at the left and right heads draw triangular outlines of sharp little teeth.

learn how to draw a dragon

Step 4

Erase extra guidelines and draw the faces of each heads of our slavic dragon. Pay special attention to the situation of pupils and wrinkles on the cheeks, and the corners of his mouth. Here draw the neck – denote tapered edges and horizontal strips.

How to Draw a slavic Dragon for Kids

Step 5

On the upper part of the torso are clearly present extra guidelines, erase them, without doubting. Then, round off the lines of the necks in a smooth area, as in our sample. Here we also outline the contours of the wings.

learn how to draw three headed dragon

Step 6

Here we circle the contorus of the wings. Please outline the contours of each wing, then draw edging on top, completing all by drawing the membranes. At this stage draw entire front of torso by horizontal lines.

slavic dragon drawing

Step 7

Very short stage. Draw forelegs of the dragon, they will be very similar to a cat’s paw. The resemblance is particularly noticeable due to the fact that we don’t draw the texture of slin of lizards or realistic dragons.

drawing lessons for kids

Step 8

Now it’s time to draw the hind legs. Use clear and smooth lines. Don’t forget to erase the guidelines. Note, that it similar to the legs of the lion from our tutorial.

drawing lessons for children

Step 9

Circle the back of the body, that passes into the tail. Draw the tip of the tail, it looks like a spearhead of an arrow. Erase extra guidelines, we attach this part as a completed look.

slavic dragon drawing

Step 10

Draw spots that cover the skin is very chaotic. At the end of the lesson on how to draw a dragon for kids draw curved spikes at the bottom of the back and tail of our Slavic dragon.

How to Draw a Dragon for Kids

It was a lesson in which we told you about how to draw a Slavic dragon for kids. The lesson is very simple, we hope everyone will succeed. Be sure to check often to us on Google Plus Facebook, Pinterest, there are many interesting things!

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