How to Draw Anime Hands

How to draw anime hands

In order to properly draw an anime body, you must be able to draw all the parts of an anime character’s body, for example you need to know how to draw anime hands. In fact, hands in the style of anime are drawn almost in the same way as in any style of visual art, but nevertheless, there are some differences that we will cover in this article on how to draw anime hands. We divided this instruction into two parts, in each of which we gave two examples. In the first part of the instruction we will show how to depict an open hand from the back and the inside.


Step 1

To correctly depict an open anime hand, we start with the palm. This part of the hand at this stage looks like a simple trapezoid.

How to draw anime hands easy

Step 2

Now draw four fingers as the artists of did. The middle finger is the longest, the index and the ring finger a little shorter, and the little finger is the shortest and thinnest.

How to draw anime hands step for beginners

Step 3

Now depict a thumb, which is very different in location and shape from the other four fingers. The basic anime hand sketch is complete, and starting from the next stage, we’ll go into details.

How to draw anime

Step 4

Now, using clear and dark lines, trace the whole hand, making it clean and neat. Draw the nails, knuckles and lines on the palm. Erase unwanted guidelines.

How to draw anime hands

So now let’s see how to depict anime hands from the sides. Here you will also observe both sides of the hand.


Step 1

The palm from the side also looks like a trapezium, but thinner. Depict these light geometric shapes, like the artists of did.

How to draw anime hands step by step for beginners

Step 2

Now mark the fingers. Note that at rest, the little finger is more prone to bending than the index finger.

How to draw anime hands for beginners

Step 3

Now add the thumb, which again, quite different from the rest of the fingers. Try to repeat the shape and curve of the thumb as closely as possible.

How to draw anime hands step by step

Step 4

Now, using clear and dark lines, trace the anime hands and remove all unnecessary auxiliary guidelines, giving them a more final look. Draw folds and nails.

How to draw anime hands

So above, we described you how to draw anime hands. You have received the most basic knowledge and tips. Now your task is to practice and depict anime hands in a variety of poses and from different points of view. Try to depict hands, both at rest and in a tense state using the above steps. Below we give a few examples that you can try to draw using the gained knowledge.

How to draw anime hands

Once you have mastered how to depict empty hands, you need to learn how to draw anime hands with objects. Below, we gave you some examples of anime hands with various objects. Try to repeat them using your newly acquired skills.

How to draw anime hands holding

This article was part of a series of basic instructions about anime. Go to our category called “Anime” to master all the nuances in working in this beautiful art style.


  1. uhm its a verry strong compliment but your work is great realy its nice in all of the steps thanks

    1. Do not worry and do not despair, we all once started with this.
      Just draw as often as possible, and at some point, you will notice how your artistic skills have grown to unprecedented heights.

  2. It really help i started drawing online and i stared taking the step by step it was hard but it worked thank you 😀

  3. I was drawing a model for me to remember and this really helped me by going step by step- thanks for making this tutorial! The only problem I have is drawing thin/round/thick fingers/hands. Thanks again

  4. It’s easy when it’s on my imagination, but when i draw it, it bad!I can’t do it because I’m left-handed!!!>_<

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