How to Draw a Wolf Face

how to draw a wolf face

In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw a wolf. This instruction will be useful both for those who want to draw a wolf face and for those who want to depict a whole wolf.

The process of drawing a wolf’s face and a dog’s face is very similar. And this is no coincidence because these animals are very close in nature.

This lesson on how to draw a wolf face will be pretty simple, but you will end up with a very realistic wolf head if you follow our instructions exactly.


Step 1

In order not to be mistaken, and to draw the wolf’s face most correctly, the first thing to do is to sketch the basic outlines. Sketch out a circle with light movements of your hand, without trying to give it the perfect shape. Next, sketch out two lines that intersect just above the center of the circle.

how to draw a wolf face front view

Step 2

Using the horizontal line created earlier, draw the eyes. Draw the upper eyelid first, then the lower. After that sketch the outlines of the pupils. To check the proportionality of your sketch, you can look at it through a mirror, or move away from it a short distance.

how to draw a wolf face and head step by step

Step 3

Now add the nose of the wolf. Start by sketching the outlines of the nose. Next, depict small nostrils with a pair of simple lines. To understand in more detail how the noses of dogs and wolves are drawn, you can visit our tutorial on how to draw a dog nose.

how to draw a wolf face step by step for beginners

Step 4

Now it’s time to add the mouth. Begin by sketching the outlines of the upper lip with a pair of curved lines. Next, depict the visible part of the chin with short lines. Add a small section of the fur texture just below the chin. The left and right sides of the mouth should be symmetrical.

how to draw a wolf face for beginners

Step 5

To make the wolf face drawing more voluminous and lively, you need to add a few details. First, create the outlines of the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. After that add small folds above and below the eyes. Also, you can add the texture of the hair using lots of short strokes.

how to draw a wolf face realistic

Step 6

Draw the ears at the top of the head. By creating the outlines of the ears with the help of a large number of short lines, you can create a fur texture and give the wolf face a more natural look. Remember to constantly check the parts of your artwork and compare them with each other and with our example to avoid mistakes.

how to draw a wolf face easy step by step

Step 7

As we said above, to create the hair texture, you need to use a lot of short lines. Using such lines, depict the outlines of the head, as shown in our example. To make the lines of the hair more believable, they should be drawn from the roots to the ends.

how to draw a wolf face step by step

Step 9

Using an eraser, carefully erase all unnecessary construction lines from your artwork. Make the necessary lines darker and sharper. Add shadows to your artwork a more voluminous look. We talked about what shadows are made of and how to draw them correctly in our article on lights and shadows.

how to draw a wolf face

So, this was a wolf face drawing lesson, and we hope that it did not seem too difficult for you.

Knowing how to draw the face of a wolf, you can more easily depict the whole body of this animal. Using this instruction, you can also create a head of a shepherd or husky on the piece of paper, because these animals are very similar to each other.

If you want to continue learning how to draw animals, be sure to visit the Animals category on our site. In this category, our team publishes lessons about a wide variety of animals, from bees to whales.


    1. this was hard a little bit and my drawing is so bad it looks likes a lion lol.

  1. Best drawing i have ever made! Its going to be my moms early Christmas present!😀

  2. i love your work! but i dont like when you have to erase the lines and things. but other than that good job!

  3. Really good tips. I loved it and was better than when I was just drawing! Thanks 😊.

  4. this was hard a little bit and my drawing is so bad it looks likes a lion lol.

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