How to Draw a Sparrow Step by Step

How to draw a sparrow


Have a nice day! Today we present new drawing tutorial. As you can see, this lesson would focus on how to draw a sparrow. Let’s start it!


Step 1

First, outline the borders of the figuers forming the head and body. As you can see, they are a circle and an oval.

How to draw a sparrow step by step


Step 2

Light lines denote the tail and legs. Draw the contours of the beak, it looks like a rhombus,also draw the contour of the eye and the paws.

How to draw a sparrow


Step 3

Draw out the contours of the tail and paws.



Step 4

Color the eye, erase the extra lines and circle the necessary lines, make it look nice and finished.

How to draw a sparrow step by step


it was a drawing tutorial that was made by DrawingForAll’s artist. Now we hope every artist know how to draw a sparrow step by step. See you in a next lesson, goodbye!


  1. I think that this was very useful. I loved all the detail you put into it. Thanks for the help!

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