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How to Draw a Cute Dog

how to draw a cute dog

In this drawing tutorial, we will tell you how to draw a cute dog. We read your comments and we know that you really love to draw animals. Therefore, we experiment, interspersing complex lessons of drawing pets with simple ones. So, today we invite you to draw this simple dog. Try to follow our instructions and you will end up with great results.


Step 1

So, we start this guide on how to draw a cute dog. Sketch three round shapes to represent the body and head of our dog. The position of the figures is directly dependent on the pose and angle that you create in your imagination. If you decide to create a drawing of a dog according to our example, then create round shapes that overlap each other as in our sample.

how to draw a cute dog realistic step by step

Step 2

Our dog turns its head slightly to the side. Reflect this in your sketch by drawing the outlines of the nose and mouth in an almost full profile. The line that forms the nose and mouth is not interrupted at the level of the head and continues into a smooth contour of the neck with a characteristic curve. The second neckline begins as the outline of the ear. Note that this line has no smooth curves.

how to draw a cute dog really easy

Step 3

What kind of dog are you drawing? If it is a graceful and tall dog, draw long, elongated front legs with graceful curves and flowing lines. If it is a short, but sturdy and strong dog, draw short, powerful front legs, as in our example. Note the slight, subtle constriction distally that merges into the widening of the rounded toes.

cute dog drawing easy

Step 4

Now, keeping the same drawing style from the previous step, draw the hind pair of legs for our lovely dog. Note that the distal parts of the hind legs point slightly in opposite directions. The front legs did not have this feature.

how to draw a cute baby dog

Step 5

Facial features are exactly what will bring this beautiful dog to life. Draw the outlines of a small triangular nose and a rounded eye. After drawing the basic paths, add details such as the nostril lines and outer strokes around the eye. By the way, we have a special category about drawing animals, do not forget to look at the lessons from this category.

how to draw a cute dog face

Step 6

So, we continue the guide on how to draw a cute dog. Add some more details to the head area. Draw the outlines of the mouth in three curved lines that form a triangle. Mark the inner parts of the auricles with small triangles. Use the base circle of the head as a basic guide.

how to draw a dog cute and easy

Step 7

Add some details for the cutest and most lively dog drawing. Draw the outlines of the toes within the rounded distal ends of the paws. As you remember, the toes on the hind legs point in different directions. Don’t forget the tail. Choose the shape and position of the tail according to your imagination.

how to draw a cute dog easy step by step

Step 8

Check the entire drawing for errors and inaccuracies. Pay special attention to the contours of the head, which are quite complex from this angle. Circle all the final lines with contrasting, confident strokes. After that, delete the extra lines that you used as a guide so that your drawing does not look transparent.

how to draw a cute dog easy

Step 9

Add some shadows. To simplify the task, first, outline the outlines of the shadow areas. After that, cover the space inside the paths with hatching. Choose a double-layer hatch for heavy shadows and a single-layer hatch for lighter shadows. The most shaded areas of our dog’s body are the nostrils.

how to draw a cute dog step by step

Step 10

This is the final action of the guide about how to draw a cute dog. Check again the correct proportions and small details. Make sure the pose and shadow location are correct. Congratulations, this is a great job! Try drawing other dogs from our animal category.

how to draw a cute dog

So, this drawing tutorial is over. We have a page on Facebook, and you can learn all about the new drawing tutorials on this page. Please, do not forget to subscribe, to be aware of all the updates. Also, share this drawing guide. If you have any suggestions and wishes – be sure to write about it in the comments section below this article.


  1. i cannot draw AT ALL! but this, i made something that looked really good! i think that this was very useful and easy to follow.

  2. this is a really good way to draw a cure dog thank you <3 😀

  3. wow this is really nice! I ant draw well and i had to do this drawing fast for a birthday and everyone loved it!

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