How to Draw a Yawning Lion Cub

how to draw a yawning lion cub

We often draw cats of different types and sizes. We already have tutorials about a cartoon cat, leopard and cheetah. And in this drawing lesson we decided to show you how to draw a yawning lion cub step by step.

Step 1

At first draw a circle as a guide for the head. Draw a long vertical line of the symmetry. Then draw a horizonta line of the eyes.

how to draw a yawning lion cub

Step 2

Sketch out the lines of nose and widen open mouth. The lower lip will be located below and the circle. Sketch out the round ears and move to the step three.

learn to draw a yawning lion cub

Step 3

Connect all with common contours. Draw the nose, teeth and tongue inside the mouth. Draw the eyes on the horizontal line.

how to draw a lion cub

Step 4

Erase all guidelines from our drawing. Make the contours more fluffy. Draw out some wrinkles on the nose and around the eyes. Draw the whiskers.

yawning lion cub drawing

Step 5

It remains only to draw shadows. At first paint the eyes and nose. Then add hatching inside the mouth. And at the end of the step and entire tutorial add shadows as in our example.

how to draw a yawning lion cub

Drawing lesson about how to draw a yawning lion cub came to an end. it was a pretty simple lesson, and we think that could draw it well. Recall that on our site you will find a section with animals, where you will find many interesting and useful lessons and tips.

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