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How to Draw a Feather

How to Draw a Feather

Hello! New drawing lesson is ready and drawn. As you can see, the lesson topic – how to draw a feather. At the end of tutorial you should get quite realistic feather. The lesson is not particularly difficult, but the result would look cool. The main thing – to observe the order given by our artists.


Step 1

First outline the contours of the feather, which is called “shaft”. It looks at this stage as a regular curved line.

How to Draw a Feather


Step 2

Here, instead of the schematic line from the previous step outline a more realistic outline of the rod.

How to Draw a realistic  Feather


Step 3

Second (fluffy) part of the feather is called “vane”. Now try and outline its contour. Bottom to top it first expands gradually and then quickly narrows.

How to Draw a Feather step by step


Step 4

Now we outline a few lines to  the feather. The lines should have a very light, barely noticeable bend. The lines should have a very light, barely noticeable bend. The lines should be drawn in the direction from the tips to the stem (not to be confused with human hair and fur of any animal, which are drawn from the roots to the tips).

drawing lesson


Step 5

Erase the outer contours of the feather, and replace them by slightly wavy and pointed lines, as in our example.

How to Draw a Feather with a pencil


Step 6

Make the lines on the feather more intense and dark.

feather drawing


Step 7

Add some hatching to the sides of the shaft. Add a little more dark wavy lines in the inner and outer area of the feather.

How to Draw a Feather


The drawing lesson on how to draw a realistic feather is ready! Do not forget to subscribe to our updates on social networks and look to our channel on YouTube.

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