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How to Draw a Nose From the Side

how to draw a nose from the side

In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a nose from the side. This tutorial is a continuation of our tutorial on drawing a nose from the front.

After studying this drawing lesson, and learning how to draw a nose from the side, you will be able to draw human portraits in profile much more correctly and convincingly.

As always, it is worth reminding you that in this lesson we the example of drawing a nose. All people are very different from each other in appearance, but all the details of the human face have the same general principles of structure, which means that they are all drawn in about the same way.


Step 1

To draw the nose, the first step is to draw the centerline. If we look at the face from the front, the line runs through the central part of the face, dividing it in half. This line is necessary in order to draw a nose most proportionally and correctly.

drawing a nose

Step 2

Now sketch out the outlines of the nose. Use very light and general lines without trying to detail the drawing of the nose. At this stage, we need to sketch the outlines of the nose and its borders.

nose drawing lesson

Step 3

Now sketch the wing of the nose at the bottom using very light and smooth lines. To draw the nose and its details more correctly and convincingly, we advise you to read our article on the anatomy of the nose for artists.

nose drawing tutorial

Step 4

Now let’s start drawing the nose in more detail. Using smooth and clean lines, carefully draw the outlines of the nose, giving it a more complete look. Try very carefully to depict all the curves and outlines of the muscles and bones under the skin.

learn how to draw a nose

Step 5

Now, carefully erase all the guidelines from the nose drawing. Give your work a complete look. Correct any inaccuracies, if any.

how to draw a nose

Step 6

Add shadows to give the nose drawing a more voluminous look. With the light falling from above, add hatching in the areas of the nose where the light is not falling. For a more detailed understanding of the structure of shadows on objects, we advise you to check out our article on light and shadow.

how to draw a nose from the side view

Step 7

Compare your drawing of the nose with our example. Try to find all the smallest mistakes and inaccuracies and correct them. To make it easier to find mistakes, look at your drawing through a mirror, or move away from it.

how to draw a nose from the side

This was another basic drawing lesson in which we tried to most accurately and clearly show you the process of drawing a nose from the side.

To reinforce your knowledge gained in this lesson, try drawing a nose from the side several times using the steps above.

Add shadows of different densities and use different lighting schemes to get different results and to fully develop the skills learned.

Next, try to draw a portrait of a person, trying to draw a nose and all other features of the face and achieve the maximum proportionality of all the details in the drawing.

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