How to Draw a Jacket

How to draw a jacket

Hello everybody. In one of the first drawing lessons we showed you how to draw a man. But in addition to the figure of a man, we must learn to draw clothes too. We already drew a hat, a T-shirt, pants and boots. Today we want to continue this theme and so have created a lesson on how to draw a jacket.


Step 1

The first step is very simple. Here we will need to outline a simple rectangle with very light lines.

How to draw a jacket

Step 2

It’s also a very simple step in which we will need to sketch out the collar and sleeves.

How to draw a jaclet step by step

Step 3

Draw out a line of fasteners. Draw a line of zipper. In the lower part of the jacket we sketch out cuffs of sleeves and waist.

Learn how to draw a jacket

Step 4

Using clear lines draw out the torso of the jacket. Draw out the lines on the cuffs of the neck and tail. Add pockets and folds.

How to draw a leather jacket

Step 5

Now let’s move on to the sleeves. Also, using clear lines draw out the contours of the sleeves, draw folds and lines on the cuffs.

Jacket drawing tutorial

Step 6

Let’s make our jacket drawing more clear and realistic. Take the pencil more comfortable and add shadows to those areas where the light does not fall.

How to draw a jacket

So, it was a lesson about how to draw a jacket. How do you like the clothing on our website? Write us your opinion in the comments to this article, because your opinion is very important for us.

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