How to Draw Donkey Kong

donkey kong drawing tutorial

Hi! Today we will draw Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong is cult monkey from oldest videogames. Donkey Kong first appeared as a video game character in 1981. In this game Donkey looks like a few pixels, but today we will draw this animal in the modern version.


Step 1

First sketch the outline of a gorilla with a few rounded shapes. The largest and longest of which is the torso. Draw the vertical lines of the face simmetry.

donkey kong


Step 2

So we have a very small step, but small error in this step can bring big problems with Donkey Kong’s appearance in the next actions. Let’s start. The face of a cartoon’s gorilla looks like a grotesque human face. Draw massive eyebrows that formed obtuse angle (we marked this angle):

donkey kong drawing


Then draw the eyes. In the our exemple the eyes is a a couple small circles. A very important thing – be sure to use the face lines from the previous step as a guide. Also in this step you should draw the edge of the ear.

2 donkey kong drawing


Step 3

Ok, now we have a silhouette, so let’s draw the details of the face. We should draw:

  • A pair of nostrils (looks like a commas);
  • The edge of the ear. The top of the auricle have a little hem as you can see;
  • The lips. It will be enough to draw the pair of lines on the top and low parts of the mouth;
  • Teeth;
  • Pupils

3 how to draw donkey kong step by step


Step 4

Draw the fingers. Donkey Kong’s fingers are large and massive. Also in this step we should draw pectoralis major muscles.

donkey kong drawing lesson


Step 5

So we have a final step. If your paint looks similar to our paint, you can do the final actions. If Donkey on your picture has any distortion, you must return to a specific stage and fix them.

When your final result will be quality, you can erase all unnecessary lines and darken the contours.

donkey kong drawing tutorial

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