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How to Draw an Ogre

how to draw an ogre

Hello! We present you new drawing lesson in which we will focus on how to draw an ogre.

Ogres are the large human-like creatures, living mostly in the swamps. Ogres are carnivorous, they eat large wild animals and humans. In the vast majority of myths and legends, ogres are negative characters. By the way, the ogre from this lesson taken from the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. So, let’s start this lesson and learn how to draw an ogre.


Step 1

Stickman of our today’s character must transfer his pose and proportions. Accordingly, you can see a turn of the head, position of the legs and hands. And also, you can see the size of body parts, namely a large body and small legs and head of round shape. Note the location of the lines of shoulders and the pelvis, it is very important for the proper drawing of poses.

how to draw an ogre step by step


Step 2

Now we create a silhouette of the monster. Now we create a silhouette of the monster. Draw round balls of the shoulders, then connect them with a head, using a pair of lines. Look, by the way, at the shoulders – they are about the size of his head. Next, draw the arms – they consist of volumetric cylinders. Sketch out the silhouettes of the hands and fingers. Using a semi-circle draw the torso (the truth is that our ogre just fat, is likely that he likes to eat fat people only). At the end of the step we draw the contours of the legs and bat.

the ogre


Step 3

We outline the contours of the facial features. Look at the large mouth of the ogre, it accounts for almost the entire length of the head. The ears are pointed, as in many other fantastic characters. The ears are pointed, as in many other fantastic characters. The forehead is very small, eyes are located at the very top of the head.

real ogre


Step 4

Now add details to the face of the ogre. At first draw the language and contours of teeth. Please note that above the upper row of teeth it is necessary to draw the gums. In the lower jaw there are two large canines. In the same step, you must draw the ear, wrinkles around the eyes and on the nose.

How to draw realistic ogre


Step 5

As you can see, we add details to our hero from top to bottom, ie in the direction from the head to the feet. So, we should identify the clavicle using oblique lines. Just below we draw the pectoral muscles – they look like two plates. Please note that due to physique of the Ogre, we do not draw the abdominal muscles, we just need to draw a belly. In the area of the abdominal we will draw navel and the contours of the obliques on the sides. Here we draw a ragged upper edge of pants and a belt.

how to draw fantasy


Step 6

Now we add details to the arms. They are bare to the elbow, therefore, it is necessary to outline the contours of the deltoid muscle and biceps and triceps (look here, where it is). Here we outline the skin folds in the area of the phalanges, and large claws.

how to draw a fantasy character


Step 7

We make the same operation with the legs – draw the cloth which hides the shin and nearly the entire foot. Just do not forget to draw a ragged strip of cloth on the shin. Draw some lines of the muscles on the legs. Draw long claws on the toes.

how to draw dungeons and dragons ogre


Step 8

At this step we draw spikes on the cudgel. Draw strips of cloth that wrapped around the cudgel. Using straight lines draw cracks of the wood.

dungeons and dragons drawing


Step 9

Once we have done this we need to impose a shadow on our ogre. Shadows should be drawn as small areas of cross-hatching in the appropriate places.

how to draw an ogre


It was a drawing lesson on how to draw an ogre. If you like fantasy and dungeons and dragons, visit our drawing lessons on how to draw a dragon, knight and werewolf.

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