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How to Draw a Boy’s Face

how to draw a boy face

In this drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw a boy’s face. This is a continuation of a series of basic tutorials on how to draw people’s faces. In each of these lessons, we offer you an approximate sequence of steps, however, you can change the facial features at each step at your discretion.

If all your art supplies are ready, then let’s start the lesson on how to draw a boy’s face.

Step 1

Draw a rough outline of the face. Don’t try to make the boy’s face sketch too perfect at this stage. Place this in the center of a piece of paper if you are drawing a portrait.

how to draw a realistic boy face for beginners

Step 2

Use short simple lines to indicate the location of the facial features. The borders of the eyes are located on the horizontal line. The vertical line contains guidelines for the contours of the hairstyle, nose, and mouth.

how to draw a boy face easy step by step

Step 3

Draw the approximate outlines of the eyes. Choose any eye shape you like. Remember to focus on the guidelines from the previous steps.

how to draw a cool boy face

Step 4

Add small folds of skin over the eyes. If you look at these parts of the eye, you will see a predominance of straight lines that form the corners.

how to draw a male face step by step for beginners

Step 5

And now a very important point. Draw the pupils. Remember that the location of the pupils greatly affects the direction of gaze and the nature of the entire drawing as a whole.

how to draw a male face step by step

Step 6

Draw the eyebrows. Choose the perfect eyebrow shape for your taste. The width of the eyebrows should not exceed the width of the eyes in standard proportions. However, you can choose any aspect ratio.

how to draw an easy boy face

Step 7

Draw the nose. First sketch out the distal part using the markings from the beginning of the lesson. After that, connect this to the bottom edge of the eyebrow like in this example.

how to draw anime boy face step by step for beginners

Step 8

Seems to be missing something, right? Of course, let’s draw the mouth. Here you can see the closed lips that are formed by smooth lines. In this illustration, the lower lip is slightly larger than the upper lip, however, you can draw lips of any shape.

how to draw a boy face for beginners

Step 9

Draw the ears. The top edges of the ears line up with the eyebrows and the bottom edges of the ears line up with the tip of the nose. However, if you are drawing a person tilting his head, these rules do not work.

how to draw a boy face realistic

Step 10

So, we continue with the guide on how to draw a boy’s face. If you are drawing a bald character, then you can safely skip this step. If you want to draw realistic hair, use smooth lines as in our example. The lines of hair should be drawn from the roots to the tips.

how to draw a boy face step by step easy

Step 11

Now erase all unnecessary guidelines from your drawing of the boy’s face. To give the drawing a more voluminous look, make the details that are closer to us a little more contrasting than those that are a little further from us. This will give the boy’s face drawing a sense of volume and realism.

how to draw a boy face step by step

Step 12

Depict more light lines in the direction of hair growth to create a realistic hair texture. And here you can add some additional details to your boy’s face drawing, for example, folds of skin, moles, etc. Don’t forget to draw shadows. This will make your drawing more complete and realistic.

how to draw a boy face easy

If you drew a face and you like the result, then it’s time to improve your skills. Try repeating all the steps several times, drawing different faces with different features.

After that, try drawing a face and applying different lighting. Next, try drawing a face from a different perspective. All these actions will help you to learn more comprehensively the process of drawing a face and bring this skill to automatism.


  1. i did not do that good but you did i’m a lost cause anyways thanks for helping!:)😃

  2. Thank you this really helped me. I was really rubbish at drawing now it is starting to get better. Thank you again.

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