How to Draw a Castle

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How to draw a castle

We really like the subject of the Middle Ages. Valorous knights, beautiful princesses and legends about dragons (as well as plague, witch-hunting and impassable illiteracy of the population).

 So we decided to make a lesson about how to draw a castle.


Step 1

First of all, using simple geometric figures we draw the outlines of the walls and the hill on which the castle is located.

how to draw a castle

Step 2

Also with the help of simple geometric figures we sketch out battlements and the upper parts of the towers.

Learn to draw a castle

Step 3

Now using more precise and dark lines draw out the outlines of walls and rocks under castle. Draw narrow windows.

How to draw a medieval castle

Step 4

A fairly simple but painstaking step in which we will need to draw a texture of the stones, using short horizontal lines.

How to draw a castle step by step

Step 5

Now let’s work with shadows, drawing them by hatching.

How to draw a castle

Now you know how to draw a castle. Write to us, with what difficulties you had to face in the process of drawing.



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