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How to Draw a Lexus LFA

learn how to draw a lexus lfa

Hello dear artists and car lovers. Today we present you a new drawing tutorial on how to draw a Lexus LFA. As you know Lexus LFA is a rear-wheel drive supercar of the Japanese company Lexus, the company’s first car in a similar class.


Step 1

So, let’s start with the general forms of our car. With the help of even but very light lines sketch out the body of the car.

how to draw a lexus lfa

Step 2

In the lower part sketch out the wheels and wheel arches. Slightly above draw the rear-view mirrors. When you draw you must remember that these are only auxiliary steps and in the future these lines will be erased, so use as light as possible light lines.

learn to draw a lexus lfa

Step 3

From this step we will use very clear and dark lines.  There are a lot of straight lines in the Lexus LFA, so the hood consists of such straight lines.

learn to draw a lexus lfa

Step 4

Continue the drawing lesson about how to draw a Lexus LFA. Draw the radiator grille that looks a bit like a rectangle. On the sides of the radiator grille draw air intakes and the rest of the bumper.

lexus lfa drawing tutorial

Step 5

The upper part of our Lexus LFA is more curved than the front and bumper. So using a slightly curved line draw the roof. Then draw lines of windows and rear-view mirrors.

learn how to draw a lexus lfa step by step

Step 6

Continuing the line of the roof and draw the back of the car. Next, draw the door and the details in the side of the car. Also do not forget to draw the visible part of the tail light.

learn to draw a Lexus

Step 7

So, we have already approached the last step of our drawing lesson about a Lexus sport car. Just draw out wheel arches, wheels and rims. The most difficult thing here is to draw the wheels and wheels even and smooth. In fact, this is the most difficult stage in the drawing lesson of any car. Also you can add shadows as for example in the drawing lessons about Maserati and Aston Martin.

learn how to draw a lexus lfa

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