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How to Draw Venom

venom drawings

Hello everyone who wants to know how to draw Venom! Today we will draw one of the most terrible and frightening fictional villains. Formally, it is an enemy of Spider-Man, but he also often appears in other Marvel comics. So, what’s interesting about our guide? Firstly, Venom looks quite grotesque here, but you can see elements of realism. Disproportionately huge muscles next to a small but creepy head are combined with realistic shadows. Detailed fingers and a well-constructed pose contrast with the overall outline of the figure, similar to a dinosaur or mystical monster.

Another feature is that we tried to reproduce the most canonical and classic appearance of Venom that you could see. Venom is a menacing guy who has a fairly consistent appearance. So we didn’t have to search and choose too long. We retained and recreated iconic facial features, such as large, angry eyes without pupils, a long tongue, and a toothy mouth.

So, if you want to know how we did this and how to draw Venom in the same style, quickly grab your favorite pencils, and erasers and move on to the first step!

Venom Drawing Tutorial

Step 1 – Draw the base lines of Venom

So, first using a stickman (a man made of circles and sticks) we’ll depict the posture of Venom. Try to use an oval to draw the head. Sketch out the vertical line of the facial symmetry, which will help us to find the center of the head. Using lines draw hands, spine, and legs.

how to draw venom step by step

Step 2 – Create some volume

And now we can add volume to the body. Sketch an exaggerated, muscular shoulder and arms to show Venom’s formidable strength. Use curved lines to define the muscles, keeping in mind the anatomy of a highly muscular figure. The shapes should be organic and fluid, reflecting the character’s alien symbiote nature. Remember to keep the lines light and loose; this is still the drafting phase where you are blocking the primary shapes and forms.

how to draw venom

Step 3 – Detail Venom’s face

At this stage, you will start defining Venom’s iconic features. Sketch in the basic shape of the mouth, with a large, curved line for the open maw. Add an oval shape where the lower half of the face will be, which will later be detailed into Venom’s gaping mouth and tongue. This is also when you should start correcting and refining the eye shapes, ensuring they have the fierce look typical of the character.

how to draw venom

Step 4 – Detail Venom’s figure

Refine the sketch by defining the muscles in greater detail. Use your knowledge of human anatomy to inform your drawing, but remember that Venom’s form can be exaggerated for dramatic effect. The muscles should be large and well-defined, with deep shadows to create a three-dimensional appearance.

how to draw marvel comics

Step 5 – Complete the refinement of Venom’s face and figure

Further refine the details of the face, especially around the mouth. The teeth should be varied in size and shape to add to the chaotic and dangerous feel of Venom’s maw. Now, add the iconic long, serpentine tongue.
The muscles and the rest of the body should now be more defined, with additional lines to suggest the sinewy texture of Venom’s skin.

venom drawing

Step 6 – Add shadows

At the last step of the tutorial about how to draw Venom, we will add shadows. To get shadows as in our example, you should first outline the contours of the shadows, then hatch the shadows using equal strokes. If in the drawing of Venom, you made mistakes, just erase failed lines and draw them again.

venom drawings


As we conclude the drawing, it’s important to step back and review the work as a whole. Contrast in shading is utilized to create depth and a sense of three-dimensionality, giving Venom a more lifelike and dynamic appearance. The final touches might include a background that complements Venom’s dark presence, perhaps hinting at the chaotic energy he embodies.

With the final stroke, we have not only captured the likeness of one of the most iconic anti-heroes but also practiced techniques that can be applied to future projects involving complex characters. This lesson is as much about mastering the art of drawing as it is about understanding the visual language of comic book style and storytelling.


  1. I put a cut off Head underneath his hand on the floor,thanks for the Idea of Drawing Venom!

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