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How to Draw a Tyrannosaurus

Tyrannosaurus drawing

Hello dear artists, in today’s lesson we will show you how to draw draw the most famous dinosaur. This lizard was one of the greatest monsters of the ancient world , whose image we can now see in a variety of games, films and toys. So meet the lesson on how to draw a tyrannosaurus.


Step 1

So, let’s start with the skeleton of our tyrannosaurus. First of all sketch out a large head with an open mouth. Next, outline the neck, which goes into the spine and then into the long tail. With the help of large circles sketch out the thorax and the pelvis. At the end of the step sketch out the long legs and disproportionately short arms.

how to draw Tyrannosaurus

Step 2

Let’s add the volume to the body of our giant raptor. First of all draw out a huge neck. Next connect the chest and pelvis and form the torso. Draw out the tail that tapers to the tip. Next, add the volume to the small arms legs, which sharply taper closer to the knees.

learn to draw a Tyrannosaurus

Step 3

Let’s work with the final details. Draw out the contours of the huge head and open mouth dotted with sharp teeth. Draw a small frowning eye, a nostril and lines of muscles on the face.

how to draw Tyrannosaurus step by step

Step 4

Draw the thick neck and torso lines, removing all unnecessary lines from the upper body. Next, draw small arms and sharp claws.

how to draw a Tyrannosaurus step by step

Step 5

So, we continue the lesson about how to draw a tyrannosaurus. With the help of clear and smooth lines draw out the long narrowing tail and huge legs. On the legs draw out the knees, muscle lines and fingers with sharp claws.

how to draw a Tyrannosaurus

Step 6

So, at the last step of this lesson we add shadows. Imagine that the light falls from above, so add hatching to the lower parts of the body of our predator. The shadows will make our tyrannosaurus more realistic and three-dimensional.

Tyrannosaurus drawing

Our monster turned out to be quite realistic, is not it? What other monsters do you want to see on our site? Write your wishes here or in social networks. Also we would be very grateful if you tell your friends about us and share with them this and other our drawing lessons.


  1. I also want to draw stegosaurus velociraptor and spinosour dinosaur 🦖 with cross hatching

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