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How to Draw Psylocke

how to draw Psylocke

Hello dear artists. Category “Comics” is one of the biggest on our site, as it is full of drawing lessons about a variety of superheroes and supervillains. And in this tutorial we will show you how to draw Psylocke from Marvel.


Step 1

As in all drawing lessons we begin with the skeleton of our character. And as always, we will move from top to bottom. First of all sketch out the head in the form of a simple oval. Next outline a long line of the spine. Then draw the chest and pelvis. With the help of simple lines sketch out the arms and legs.

how to draw Psylocke

Step 2

Let’s make the body of our Psylocke more voluminous. Draw two lines on the head – a horizontal line for the eyes and a vertical line for the symmetry of the face. Draw the neck and torso, that narrows at the waist and widen in the hips. Sketch out the arms and legs using simple geometric shapes.

how to draw Psylocke from x men

Step 3

Let’s outline the main details on our Psylocke drawing. First of all draw the eyes, nose and lips. In order to do this correctly, use the intersecting lines from the previous step. Next sketch out the hairstyle and details of the clothes.

how to draw Psylocke from marvel

Step 4

Starting with this step we will use clear and dark lines. Draw the eyes, nose and puffy lips. At the end of this step draw the outlines of the hair and erase all the guidelines.

how to draw a beautiful girl

Step 5

Continue the tutorial about how to draw Psylocke. Using dark and smooth lines draw the outlines of the torso. Erase all unnecessary guidelines from the torso draw the details of the clothing.

how to draw Psylocke from marvel

Step 6

Using clear and smooth lines draw out the arms. At the arms draw the details of the clothing, such as long gloves and straps. Draw the hands that rest on the hips.

how to draw characters

Step 7

Now let’s move to the lower body of Psylocke. As in the previous step, using clear lines draw the outline of the legs. Draw the knees and the lines of the muscles of the legs. At the end of the step draw boots, straps on the legs and hanging ends of the belt.

how to draw Psylocke from marvel

Step 8

Drawing of Psylocke is almost ready. Here we will need to paint hair and clothes black, leaving glare. Here we will need to paint hair and clothes black, leaving glare. To simplify this task, first draw the outlines of the highlights and then paint the necessary areas with black.

how to draw Psylocke

It was a lesson about how to draw Psylocke step by step. Do you want to learn how to draw all possible superheroes? If so, visit our category “Comics” where you will find many interesting and perhaps unusual drawing lessons about heroes and villains of Marvel and DC.

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