How to Draw Piglet from Winnie the Pooh

how to draw piglet


Hello, dear artists! Today we have prepared for you a new drawing tutorial in which we will teach you how to draw Piglet,  one of the main characters of the stories about Winnie the Pooh. Piglet first appeared in the “Winnie the Pooh” book   in 1926, and since then he became a constant participant of almost all cartoons, books and stories about Winnie the Pooh. Piglet – is very modest, shy little pig who always accompanies Winnie. So, let start this tutorial and find out how to draw Piglet from Winnie the Pooh!

Step 1

First sketch the outlines of Piglet’s head. Notice that this shape is very similar to pear. The same outlines of the head were in a lesson about how to draw Karlsson.

how to draw piglet for beginners


Step 2

At this step, we continue to sketch out the contours of the body. Draw the torso in the form of the oval. The shape of the torso should  be similar to the bean.

how to draw characters from disney


Step 3

Sketch out the hands and legs and move to the step four.

 how to draw piglet from winnie the pooh step by step


Step 4

From this step we start to add the details. First outline the ears. They should be very similar to the leaves. Draw the lines of the facial symmetry. The vertical line divides the face into two parts and will help us to find the centre of the face. The horizontal line will help us how to draw eyes.

 how to draw piglet from winnie the pooh


Step 5

Continue to the tutorial on how to draw Piglet. Using the guidelines from the previous step draw facial features.

 how to draw piglet step by step

Step 6

Erase the guidelines, darken the lines and draws the stripes on Piglet’s sweater. Piglet ready!

how to draw piglet


It was the tutorial on how to draw Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. Unlike a lesson on how to draw wolverine, that was very easy one. Is not it? We hope the tutorial was interesting and informative for you. Subscribe to us on social networks and wait for new drawing lessons!

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  1. Sherie Rodrigues

    Thank you so much for helping us main stream non cartoonists.

  2. RRR

    the face wasn’t that easy to draw I think, but it was very interesting!

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