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How to Draw a Socket

Socket drawing

Mankind is developing at a frantic pace, and now not a single house can be imagined without a multitude of AC sockets. And as you already understood, this lesson is about how to draw an ac socket. In fact, there are a variety of sockets standards all over the world, but today we decided to draw a standard American socket.


Step 1

The first step of the lesson about the socket will be incredibly simple, because here we just need to outline a usual square.

How to draw a socket

Step 2

Inside the square from the first step, sketch two more squares. The outer two squares connect with each other at the corners.

Learn how to draw a socket step by step

Step 3

In the center draw another square, inside which draw out two rectangular and one semicircular hole.

How to sketch an ac power socket

Step 4

In the final step of the lesson on how to draw a socket, we will draw shadows in the indicated areas of the drawing.

How to draw a socket

As we said earlier, today we showed how to draw an American socket that has three holes. But with the help of this lesson you can draw sockets from the other regions, which outwardly differ in the number and shape of holes. But as you understand, our site is not only devoted to drawing sockets, so be sure to visit other lessons from DrawingForAll, we are sure that you will like them.

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