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How to Draw an Anime Character

How to draw an anime character

Learning how to draw an anime character is very easy, you just need to read and repeat the steps from this drawing lesson created by the team of Drawingforall.net. In one of the previous guides, the team of Drawingforall.net has already shown how to draw anime, and in this instruction we want to show how to draw an anime character from a slightly different angle. This lesson will also be a kind of basic guide with the help of which our readers will be able to learn to draw a wide variety of anime persons. Using this simple instruction you can also draw an anime version of yourself or your friends. So, to start creating you will need such classic things as paper, pencil, preferably automatic since it is easier to work with it, and an eraser.


Step 1

In order to properly draw an anime person we must draw his skeleton and begin, of course, from the head. Next, using the most simple, light and almost transparency line depict the spine. On the spine sketch the chest and pelvis. The arms we also sketch with light lines. We did all these operations in order not to get confused in the proportions in the future and that our anime character would be beautiful and proportional.

How to draw anime characters for beginners

Step 2

Now we need to make our anime person drawing more voluminous, for this we will have to work with simple geometric shapes. For us it is very important that the face of the anime person was symmetrical and there were no mistakes in it. For these purposes, we will draw two lines intersecting in the center of the face in the place where the nose bridge will be located. To draw the neck we use a simple cylinder and to draw a torso we use a smooth geometric shape resembling a large cylinder.

Easy anime characters to draw

Step 3

Now we need to add volume to the limbs of our anime character. For drawing arms and legs, we use elongated cylindrical shapes. And for drawing the shoulders, elbow and knee joints, we use circles and ovals. A small life hack to check the proportionality of the sketch. You can look at it through the mirror and it will show you all the errors in the ratio of details.


Easy to draw anime characters


Step 4

The head of anime characters is one of the most difficult. And in order to properly draw the anime head, first of all we need to add the most basic details and for this we will be guided by the intersecting lines that we drew in the second step. Gently sketch the location of your character’s eyes, mark nose with a short line and the mouth with another one. In the same step, you need to outline the contours of the jaw and hair.

Draw your own anime character

Step 5

Now we start indicating lines of clothing, it is actually very easy. If you draw clothes from a photo or from imagination, then try to transfer all the lines on paper as the artists of Drawingforall.net did in the example below. To start adding details some artists use a new sheet to put it on top of an old sheet with the sketch in order not to use an eraser and immediately get rid of them. Anime characters often wear slim fit pants, so most of the folds will be located in the area of groin, knees and at the very bottom of the pants.

How to draw anime characters step by step

Step 6

Circle the face details with dark and clear lines, add the necessary details if you missed them earlier. The jaw of an anime person can be narrowed like ours, round or more angular. Now circle the hair with the same dark lines. The more lines the hair will look more realistic. Of course, there are an infinite amount of types of people in this world, and their faces will also be very different, but the general principles of drawing remain unchanged.

How to draw an anime character body

Step 7

Let’s get down to the torso. But first, draw the neck muscles with two slightly curved lines and the clavicle with two more lines. Circle clothing using very smooth and sharp lines. Anime persons have a great variety of clothes and styles. You can wear your drawn character in a T-shirt or something more complicated. To make your anime person drawing look prettier and cleaner, remove all unnecessary auxiliary lines from the torso.

How to draw an anime character easy

Step 8

Now, dear artists, let’s repeat the same actions, but with the arms of the anime man. We also need to circle them using clear and dark lines. By the way, you can make lines thinner and thicker in order to focus on certain areas and make the lines more juicy and more interesting. Circle the hands and fingers, remove all unnecessary guidelines. By the way, in the guide about anime hands you can learn about it in detail.

How to draw anime characters

Step 9

The basic guidelines for the shape of the jeans are already drawn, and here we just need to deep into the details. So, here we need to indicate the folds that look like simple and short strokes and bumps located in the area of the pelvis, knees and in the place where the pants are tucked into shoes. And to clean your anime person drawing, take the eraser and remove all remaining unnecessary auxiliary lines which we no longer need.

Anime characters drawing

Step 10

To correctly draw the shadows, first map out their location. Then start smoothly filling the necessary areas with hatching, adjusting the intensity of shadows by changing the pressing on the pencil and changing the density of the hatching. Try to keep the drawing clean from unnecessary lines, for this you can use a piece of paper that you can put under the working hand.

How to draw an anime character

As we said, you are free to use the guide about how to draw an anime character, to portray yourself or or anyone else. For this purpose, you first need a photo that will serve as the basis for the future work of art. You will need to painstakingly transfer the photo to a sheet of paper, simultaneously turning realistic features and details into a more anime version. One more thing you should remember, is that the team of Drawingforall.net is waiting for your suggestions and criticism. This is a very important aspect, which helps us not to lose touch with the audience, which is also interested in the subject of art. So write your comments under our articles, subscribe to us on social networks and share our articles with everyone who, just like you, wants to become a real artist.


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