How to Draw a Bat for Halloween

how to draw a bat for halloween

Hello, dear readers of DFA! In other our drawing tutorials we showed how to draw a pumpkin for halloween And today we show you how to draw a bat for halloween. This is a quite practical drawing lesson, because it can be useful to you not only to be able to draw a beautiful picture of bat, but also to be able to make a beautiful decorations for halloween.


Step 1

So first draw sharp ears and the rounded upper part of the head of bat. In this step it is similar to the head of the cat.

how to draw a bat for halloween

Step 2

Now, using two curved lines draw wings that should start right where we ended drawIng the head.

how to draw a bat for halloween easy

Step 3

Now, with the help of a sharp wavy line draw the lower edge of the bat wings.

bat for halloween drawing

Step 4

In the last step of the tutorial on how to draw a bat we simply paint over the bat in black.

how to draw a bat for halloween

Please note that we offered only one of many options on how to draw a bat. You can for example add eyes, legs or change the shape of the wings. Note that in a similar way you can draw the logo of Batman. Do not forget to share this lesson and subscribe to our social networks.


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