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How to Draw Kingpin

How to draw Kingpin from Marvel Universe

Hello! Today we will show you how to draw Kingpin from Marvel Comics. Initially Spider-Man’s enemy, years ago Kingpin became the archenemy of Matthew Murdock. You could also see Kingpin as the enemy of the Punisher in different comics stories.


Step 1

First we will draw a stickman. As you can see there are a lot of differences of this figure from the figure of an ordinary person. This stickman does not have a neck. The shoulders and pelvis of this stickman are very wide.

How to draw Kingpin


Step 2

Draw a facelines. Vertical line is mark of facial symmetry and horizontal line will show the location of the eyes. A little below the head draw a very wide torso of Kingpin which slightly expanding to the waist. Do not forget that we must use very light lines in this step.

How to draw Kingpin from Marvel


Step 3

In this step we will draw the outline of Kingpin’s clothes. Do not forget also about the two favorite accessories of Kingpin. We mean a cane and a cigar.

Hwo to draw Kingpin from Spider-Man


Step 4

Details of the face features of our character. After that, erase all the guiding lines located on the face.

Learn to draw Kingpin step by step


Step 5

In this step we should draw the details of the torso. As you can see, Kingpin is wearing a jacket, vest and a turtleneck. We wonder why he should wear so many things at the same time?

The details that should be drawn are:

  • Buttons, collar and pockets which are located on a jacket;
  • Buttons that are located on the vest;
  • Collar of a turtleneck.

If you follow this sequence, then you definitely will not get confused.

How to sketch Kingpin


Step 6

In this step we will draw Kingpin’s arms and hands. You can read more about drawing palms in this drawing tutorial.

How to draw comics characters


Step 7

Now let’s erase superfluous guiding lines from the legs and draw arrows and light folds on the fabric.

Kingpin from Marvel drawing


Step 8

We have an excellent example of the comic style of drawing. Now we should to draw the shadows as we did in the tutorial how to draw Cyclops from X-Men.
They are contrast, occupy a wide area and are similar to dark spots. These shadows we draw in two actions – outline the contours of the shadows and then paint over it.

How to draw Kingpin from Marvel Universe

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