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How to draw Punisher

how to draw punisher step by step

Hi! Today we will draw one of the most dark and brutal characters in Marvel Universal. So we are happy to present you a lesson on how to draw Punisher. The reals Punisher’s name is Frank Castle. The story of this man is tragedy – Frank lost his family when they accidentally got into a shootout, set up by the gangsters. After this Frank began to destroy the gangsters and another criminals in the cruellest manner.


Step 1

First step is stickman’s drawing. Look the post in which we told how to draw Captain America. First step of this lesson includes the rules of drawing a human figure.

how to draw punisher by pencil


Step 2

First draw the neck – it looks like short cylinder which serves as a support for a head. After this draw the big circles located in the upper parts of the arms. This circles are sholders’s deltoid muscles. Then connect this figures with the neck. Now let’s draw the hands. Look at this scheme in which we marked main muscules of the sholder, the forearm and the fists:


  1. Deltoid muscle of the sholder;
  2. Biceps muscle. This muscle located on the inner side of the shoulder;
  3. Triceps muscle. This muscle located on the outside of the shoulder. The triceps forms the entire external contour of the shoulder;
  4. Forearm. This part of the arm have a thickening little below the elbow;
  5. The fists. They looks like a pentagos. Don’t forget about the weapon – the contours of this gun consist of straight lines.

How to draw Punisher


Then draw the body. It is wide at the top and then tapers in towards the pelvis. Top trunk wide for massive chest muscles and the latissimus dorsi.

Ok, let’s draw  the contours of the legs. The silhouette of the foot formed:

  1. The femur. The main muscules are: quadriceps thigh muscle (front area), biceps femoris (back side) and the medial group of muscles. In this step this muscules looks like simple external contours without details;
  2. The knee joint. With the outer side of the knee joint is covered by the patella, small round bone;
  3. The shin. This part of the body has a thickening just below the top. Thickening as a strong and developed calf muscles;
  4. The feet. Just a couple of elongated figures.

How to draw Punisher from Marvel


The past part of this step is drawing of the face. First draw the vertical line of the facial simmetry. Then draw a line which marked location of the hair. Below this line is slightly curved eye line. Below that you can see the lines of the nose and month.

how to draw the punisher


Step 3

Ok, we continue to draw Punisher from Marvel. This step will be very short, espeсialy after the previous step. So’ let’s detail the face.There is an important rule that the top edge of the ears should be in one plane with the eyebrows, and the lower with the tip of the nose.

However, in our case the Punisher’s head tilted downwards, so the upper tips of the ears are above the eyebrow, while the bottom above the tip of the nose. Look at the close-up:

how to draw punisher marvel


The general plan:

how to draw punisher marvel


Step 4

It’s time to finally detalisation of the Punisher’s face. First draw the hair, don’t forget – the right way is from from roots to ends. Then draw the eyes and wrinkles between the eyes (see close up):

how to draw the punisher easy


The geral plan:

how to draw the punisher easy


Step 5

Ok, let’s draw the Punisher’s body. First darken the lines between the neck and the shoulders.Then draw a сlavicles looks like short oblique lines. After this, draw the skull of the Punisher.

how to draw the Punisher


Step 6

Erase all unnecessary lines from hands. It’s easy if you know how look the main hand’s muscle groups (look at the second step). But the drawing of the palms is not easy, that’s why we made these plans:

Drawing Punisher


Drawing Punisher


Look at Punisher on the general plan:

Drawing Punisher


Step 7

We continue the tutorial in which we told how to draw Punisher step by step. Now we will darken the contours of the legs. Also in this step draw the folds of skin on the boots.


Ok, let’s finish this tutorial. Now we have a step in which we will draw the shadows. As you can see, the drawing of the shadows is two stages:

  • First draw the contours of the shadows and draw the lines inside it:

Punisher Marvel


  • Then paint black this areas. You can use black crayon or soft lead pencil

how to draw punisher step by step

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