How to Draw a Hand Saw

How to draw a hand saw

Hello everybody. Not so long ago we drew a hammer, a jackhammer and a drill. Today we decided to continue the theme of lessons about building tools and made a lesson about how to draw a hand saw.


Step 1

First of all using straight and clear lines, we draw out such an unusual figure as in our example.

How to draw a hand saw

Step 2

Continuing to use straight lines, we draw the handle of our hand saw.

How to draw a manual saw

Step 3

Now draw out a hole in the handle in the shape of an oval. Also draw the screws on the handle.

How to draw a hand saw step by step

Step 4

With the help of a zigzag line draw the cutting surface of the saw. Erase all unnecessary lines and add shadows and glare.

How to draw a hand saw

So, it was a lesson about how to draw a hand saw. We remind you that this and other our articles can be found not only on our website, but also on our social networks. By the way, do not forget to subscribe to them and write us your opinion about Drawing For All.


  1. Wow this is a step by step and detailed tutorial
    I love this website because it shows how to draw most things
    Keep up the good work

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