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How to Draw Gamayun

How to draw a Gamayun

Mythology of ancient Russia is very diverse and interesting. On our site there are already many characters from Russian myths. We have already drawn such characters as Koschei the Immortal, bogatyr and Baba Yaga. And in today’s lesson on how to draw Gamayun bird, we will show you one of the most unusual characters in Russian mythology.


Step 1

Since Gamayun is a bird with a human head, we will begin with the drawing of the human head. Sketch an oval head and draw two intersecting lines in the face.

How to draw a Gamayun

Step 2

Now we are sketching out an oval torso and outline large wings. With the help of light lines sketch out the outline of the feathers.

How to draw a Gamayun bird

Step 3

Now with the help of two long curved lines sketch out the branch on which Gamayun sits. Also sketch out the tail and legs.

How to draw a Russian myth creatures

Step 4

Now let’s move on to the details. Orienting by the intersecting lines on the face, we draw out the eyes, nose and mouth.

How to draw a character from slavic muths

Step 5

Now with the help of curved lines draw ruffled hair on the head. Do not forget to erase all unnecessary lines from the head.

How to sketch a Gamayun

Step 6

Now let’s move on to the details of the wings. With the help of clear lines here we need to draw wings and feathers on the wings.

How to draw a human bird

Step 7

Now with the help of long, curved and clear lines draw out the branches. Draw the tail, and our drawing of Gamayun bird is done.

How to draw a Gamayun

Human civilization has existed for many millennia, and for all of its existence, people have created a huge number of very different mythical characters. Within the framework of our site, we can not draw all the creatures invented by people ever, but we will be able to draw the most interesting of them, and those about whom you write to us.

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