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How to Draw Eyes From the 3/4 View

How to draw Eyes from 3 4

In this drawing tutorial, the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to draw eyes from the 3/4 view.

This tutorial is part of a series of eye drawing tutorials in which we show you how to draw eyes from a variety of different angles.

Drawing eyes is a very useful skill for every artist because, in order to draw a person correctly, you need to be able to draw eyes correctly. This tutorial on how to draw eyes from the 3/4 view will be especially useful for those artists who want to learn how to draw correct portraits.


Step 1

Start drawing the eyes by sketching a vertical line of symmetry. This line goes right through the center of the face and divides it into two parts. Next, draw a horizontal line that runs roughly through the center of the eyes or through the lacrimal caruncles.

Learn how to draw eyes

Step 2

Now, with very light strokes, sketch out the guidelines for the upper and lower edges of the eyes. Next, at the very top, sketch out the line of the eyebrows. These lines not only help to draw the details correctly but also help maintain proportionality in the drawing. Note that according to the rules of linear perspective, the guidelines should move away from each other as they get closer to us.

Drawing eyes

Step 3

Using very light lines and being guided by the guidelines from the previous steps, sketch out the outlines of the eyes, eyebrows, and nose. The distance between the eyes should be approximately equal to the width of the eyes. In accordance with the above rules of linear perspective, the details closer to us should be larger than the more distant ones.

Eyes drawing tutorial

Step 4

Now it’s time to get into the details and start giving the eyes drawing a more finished look. First of all, carefully draw out the outlines of the eyes, then the upper and lower eyelids. Don’t forget to draw the outline of the lacrimal caruncle we see. Do not forget that you can check the proportionality and correctness of your drawing of the eyes by looking at it through a mirror.

How to draw eyes in 3 4

Step 5

Draw the folds around the eyes with smooth lines. Next, sketch out the eyebrows and the bridge of the nose. To make the drawing of the eyes look lively and realistic, sketch out the folds between the eyebrows. Do not forget to constantly compare parts of the drawing with each other and the entire drawing with our example, in order to avoid mistakes and correct those that have already been made.

How to draw eyes easy

Step 6

Now take an eraser and carefully remove all unnecessary auxiliary lines from your drawing of the eyes. Try not to touch important lines. Next, try to give the drawing a more voluminous look, making the closer lines darker and the far ones lighter. This will give your eye drawing a sense of volume and space.

How to draw eyes step by step

Step 7

Now it’s time to draw the pupils. First of all, draw out the outlines of the irises, the upper parts of which are slightly covered by the upper eyelids. Next, very carefully draw the pupils. The pupils must be perfectly round, so be sure to check their correctness and proportionality through a mirror.

How to draw eyes

Step 8

The drawing of the eyes is almost ready, and it’s time to make them really voluminous. To do this, you should draw shadows using hatching. In order to draw shadows most correctly and beautifully, we advise you to study our article on light and shadow.

How to draw eyes detailed

Step 9

Now compare your drawing with the one we have drawn. If you find any mistakes, then try to fix them by returning to the step at which the mistake was made.

How to draw Eyes from 3 4

If you got to these lines, then most likely you either drew eyes or just decided to quickly scroll down to the last lines of the lesson. If the second, then we still advise you to study the process of drawing eyes, it is very interesting. If you got to these lines and have already learned to draw eyes, then it’s time to learn how to consolidate the skills you have acquired.

Try drawing the eyes facing the other way using the steps from this tutorial. Next, try drawing other eyes, for example, your own. You can also try using a different lighting scheme in your drawing to make it harder for yourself.

And most importantly, try to draw the entire head with eyes and other parts of the face. Try to place all parts of the face in the most correct and proportional way.

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