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How to Draw Evil Eyes

This is a great time to talk about how to draw evil eyes. We have already covered many basic guides related to drawing eyes, and now we can try to draw real emotions. This will be a very simple lesson, but you will get an excellent result if you follow the sequence of steps and actions as in our sample.

Step 1

First, let’s create a good basic part. Draw two straight lines as in our sample. The horizontal line crosses about a third of the vertical line.

Step 2

And we continue to work with a lesson on how to draw evil eyes. So, depict the outlines of the upper borders of the eyes. Avoid too much slope and too sharp lines. In this case, you will draw cartoonish evil eyes that will be associated with cartoon villains for children.

Step 3

Add bottom borders. Try to draw smooth lines that intersect the horizontal line as in our sample. These borders should not be too rounded.

Step 4

Draw the upper and lower eyelids. The upper eyelids are more visible to create the effect of slightly closed eyes. This expression, combined with slanted eyebrows, will create a cold, heavy look. By the way, check out our eye anatomy tutorial. After that, you will be able to understand what each line in this guide means.

Step 5

Remove extra lines from your drawing. Draw the eyebrows that are located above the lines from the previous step. Try not to draw too slanted eyebrows to avoid caricature.

Step 6

Draw pupils. As we have said many times, it is the location of the pupils that determines the direction of gaze. Try to copy it as accurately as possible from our sample. Ideally, you should get a heavy, staring look that creates an unpleasant sensation.

Step 7

Add shadows. The placement of the shadows under the medial parts of the eyebrows helps to make this look even more overhanging. This creates the effect of tilting the head directly above you.

Step 8

As a result, you should get something like this. So, if your drawing is too different from this, try to trace where you made a mistake and correct it.

We hope you enjoyed this drawing guide. Try to draw several variants of evil eyes. You can also create a character portrait based on this drawing. Also, do not forget to write your opinion in the comments, we are looking forward to it!

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