How to Draw Deadpool Head

how to draw deadpool head

Hello everyone, today we decided to please fans of the Marvel Comics universe and draw a portrait one of the most unusual and crazy representatives of this universe – Deadpool. The lesson is very simple because we are going to draw the head of Deadpool. In fact, a continuation of the portrait topic – not so long ago we drew a portraits of Spider-Man and Wolverine, and those who mastered these lessons, this one should not cause difficulties. The main thing – right to transfer all forms of the face. By the way, we have a large number of drawing lessons on characters from Marvel Universe, such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Thor and etc. Meanwhile, we begin our step by step drawing lesson, dedicated to the portrait of Deadpool!


Step 1

Draw the outline of the head in the shape of an oval. Then draw the lines of the facial symmetry. Mark up the head with a vertical line, which divides the face into two equal parts, and shows us the center of the face. Then draw the horizontal line, that also divides the face into two equal parts and will help us to draw the eyes.

how to draw deadpool head

Step 2

At the top of the head draw the part of the mask, as you can see in our example. At the left and right sides of the head draw the shapes of the ears under the mask. Using the line of the eyes from the first step draw the eyes.

 how to draw deadpool head step by step

Step 3

Erase the unnecessary guidelines and extra strokes. Using clean and sharp lines circle the lines of the head. And we continue to draw the head of Deadpool.

 how to draw deadpool

Step 4

In this step of the tutorial about how to draw the head of Deadpool we draw the patterns on the mask. Using two vertically elongated ovals draw the patterns around the eyes. Above the eyes draw the eyebrows and add the wrinkles, using short strokes.

how to draw marvel hero

Step 5

Draw the vertical lines on the temples. Add some more wrinkles, denote the nose under the mask. Sketch out the collar on the neck, and move to the last step of the lesson about how to draw Deadpool.

how to draw comics hero

Step 6

Using dark hatching paint the ovals around the eyes. Don’t forget to leave highlights, as in our example. Then using light and smooth hatching add shadows to the left side of the head of Deadpool (Due to the fact that the light is incident from the right, we add a shadow on the left side of the head).

how to draw deadpool head


So we finished the step by step drawing lesson dedicated to how to draw the head of Deadpool. Stay with us on the


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