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How to Draw a Frog for Kids

how to draw a frog for kids


Hello everybody! Today we present you a new drawing lesson in which we will teach you how to draw a frog for children. This tutorial is going to be a fairly simple. (For example, unlike the tutorials about how to draw Wolverine or how to draw a samurai). But this lesson will be a bit more complicated than the tutorial about how to draw Sad Frog. So, let’s start the tutorial and learn how to draw a frog for beginners!

Step 1

At first we sketch out the general shapes of the frog. Using a circle draw the head. Right below the shape of the head draw an oval, as a guide for the body. Note, that the head should be slightly bigger than the body.

how to draw a frog


Step 2

Using ovals draw the shapes of the eyes. Draw two curved lines above the eyes. Below the eyes draw the line of the nose, and on the sides of the head draw the cheeks. Using a curved line draw the mouth.

Using ovals draw the hands. At the sides of the torso draw legs. Note, that they should be much longer than the hands.

how to draw a frog for beginners


Step 3

Erase the guidelines from the head. Circle the lines of the head and face. Using curved lines draw the mouth. Using circles draw the pupils. Add some wrinkles to the areas of the eyes.

how to draw a frog for children


Step 4

Using the same method as in previous step, erase the guidelines and darken and smoothen the lines. The frog is ready!

how to draw a frog for kids


It was drawing the lesson about how to draw a frog for kids. We hope this tutorial was interesting and informative for you. Stay tuned and wait for new drawing lessons by Drawingforall.net. Goodbye!

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