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How to Draw Sad Frog

how to draw feels bad man

Hello dear friends! Today we present you a new drawing lesson in which we will show you how to draw Feels Bad Man aka Sad Frog aka Pepe Frog.

This meme has appeared on the Internet recently, but immediately became beloved by the public. The look of this frog is very memorable, it just overwhelmed with sorrow. Note that Sad Frog drawn in violation of many of the rules of drawing such as perspective and symmetry. So, let’s try to draw Sad Frog!


Step 1

At first draw a large shape, very similar to the mushroom cap. Under the head draw the shapes of shoulders.

How to draw sad frog


Step 2

Using ovals draw the outlines of eyes. Note, that the eyes have a slightly different shape. Using curved lines draw the shapes of eyebrows above the eyes. Draw the shape of the extended mouth and move to the next step.

How to draw sad frog step by step


Step 3

At this step we should try to convey the sorrow and suffering that expresses the face of Sad Frog. First, using curved lines draw the eyelids. Using semicircles draw the pupils. Note that pupils should look slightly down. Should get such a sad look as in our example. Using curved lines draw the mouth. Using short line draw the wrinkle near the corner of the mouth.

How to draw pepe frog


Step 4

So we got to the last step of the tutorial about how to draw Pepe Frog. Erase all the guidelines. Darken and smoothen the lines of the drawing. Paint out the eyes leaving three white glare in each eye.

how to draw feels bad man


It was drawing lesson about how to draw Feels Bad Man aka Sad Frog. We hope this tutorial was interesting and informative for you. If you want to try to draw something more complex, visit our tutorials about how to draw a Samurai or how to draw Venom. Stay tuned, friends!


    1. Same. I have to write a word and draw things with it. I ofc chose pepe

  1. Thank you! This is really helpful for me on my quest to memelord status!!

  2. dan the meme man loved him so you neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddddddddddd yto draw himn

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