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How to Draw a Palette

Pelette drawing

In our previous drawing lessons the team of drawingforall.net showed you how to draw a pencil, pen and a brush for painting. These are the main items that almost every artist needs. In continuation of this topic, we want to show you how to draw a palette for painting.


Step 1

This drawing lesson will be very simple, and it also begins very simply. In the first step, we just need to draw out the outlines of the palette.

How to draw a pelette step by step

Step 2

Now let’s make our palette more voluminous. To do this, add additional lines, as shown in the picture below this text.

How to draw a pelette easy

Step 3

Now quite a difficult step. Here we draw the lumps of paint with the help of smooth lines. Do not try to make all these lines too identical.

Pelette drawing tutorial

Step 4

And the final step of the lesson about how to draw a palette of paint, in which we will draw shadows with the help of dense hatching.

How to draw a pelette

As you can see, this drawing lesson was very simple, as very simple lines were used here and there were few details. But we believe that it is rather important and symbolic that every artist knows how to draw such things as pencils, brushes and palettes, that is, the things what help every artist to put his fantasy into life.

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